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Keep the Insects at Bay with Organophosphate Pesticide and This Market Has Gained Popularity with Growing Knowledge of Insect Free Farming

Farming industry has developed to a great extent; now-a-days farmers have become more aware of how to do quality farming.  It means they are taking all the measures to ensure that the crops are healthy and give a good yield, so that their business does well and more people want to buy vegetables and fruits […]

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The Gradual Shift of the Agrochemical Industry towards Bio-Products

‘Agrochemical’ is a broad term used to define a collection of various chemical products used for the purpose of agriculture. It contains but is not limited to pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, synthetic hormones, chemical growth agents and other biological products like animal manure, that are processed for agricultural use later. The general composition of […]

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biopesticides market size

Major Opportunities For Biopesticides Market

Biopesticides – A brief introduction Biopesticides can be defined as certain types of pesticides that are derived from natural organisms or living beings such as animals, plants, bacteria and certain minerals. Biopesticides are found in nature and they tend to pose fewer risks than conventional chemicals when used for agricultural/horticultural purposes. In very small quantities, […]

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Global Plant Growth Regulators Market

Plant Growth Regulators Market To Witness Significant Growth In The Coming Years

Defining Plant Growth Regulators – An overview Plant growth regulators or plant exogenous hormones are synthetic substances similar to natural plant hormones that are used to regulate the growth of plants to ensure enhanced agricultural production. Plant growth regulators are not hazardous if used in accordance with good agricultural practices. Plant growth regulators control the […]

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