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The Asia Pacific to retain its leadership in Clinical Nutrition market

The Global Clinical Nutrition Market as per 2017 statistics was valued around USD 44 billion and is foreseen to touch USD 60 billion by 2026, at an estimated annual growth rate of 4% to 5%. Regular problems of metabolism were observed in half of the senior citizen population of the United States. The largest pie of the market share was grabbed by infant products covering 55% of the total revenue. Enteral products took the next position with 30% of the market share leaving behind parenteral products. However, parenteral products accounted for USD 4.2 billion of the total income.


Clinical Nutrition

Health is considered the greatest wealth and the insufficient nutritional intake is aimed at making us poorer. To fight this situation, clinical nutrition has come into the picture. It mainly involves maintaining proper energy levels in a human body by supplying the essential amounts of nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It deals with the analysis of complete health status of a person taking into consideration of intakes, digestive processes, and the expelled wastes.

Clinical nutrition around the world

North America

The recent study in the North American market has revealed revenue of $8 billion and is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 6% in the years ahead. Strong medical policies, enlarging population, and hassle-free money back options are pushing the clinical nutrition market in the region.

Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific is the approved largest base for the clinical nutritional products across the world. India and China with their surplus population have become the world leaders in terms of clinical nutrition. China with a market share of $6 billion is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 9%, exactly similar to India. Ambushing population growth, increasing diseases and malnutrition, and helpful government health policies will boost the markets of this region.


Europe, with lavish healthcare management, is comparatively a smaller market than North America and the Asia Pacific but it tends to show a rise in the graph because of the inflow of immigrants, increased population, and spread of chronic diseases. Germany alone has contributed to 18% of the market share in Europe with a constant growth rate.

Growth factors driving the clinical nutrition market

Sophisticated health care management

Contemporary times have witnessed a great revolution in the medical field due to the commercial interest of the investors. Healthcare infrastructure has been moderated in an advanced way to meet minimal requirements to the maximum. Nutrition has been given a significant value with the availability of imported medical resources.

Prevalence of chronic ailments

A new chronic disease sprouts again whenever a cure is discovered for an existing ailment making a loop. Metabolism is given prominence in order to purge many upcoming diseases. A nutritional diet is provided from infant state to increase the disease resistance of the humans.

Incredible population growth

The world population today is around 7.6 billion and is estimated to reach 8.1 billion by 2025. The rise in number not only affects the financial status but also the healthcare resulting in vast malnutrition practices and unidentified illnesses. There are also pieces of evidence of premature births in the highly populated areas, leading to constant sickness and lack of essential nutrients. Many such considerable factors dominate the need for clinical nutrition to adequate the wellness of people around the globe. In particular, India and China are the countries that are going to experience an immense growth in this sector followed by many North American and European countries.

Fair government health policies

Governments of few countries provide great value for health by providing their insurances, proper reimbursements, and rapid medical services. Such initiatives are now being started by many developing countries and the governments there are adhering to strict policies in campaigning and promoting the importance of nutritional values and the benefits of healthy lifestyle.

The major market contributors in the field of clinical nutrition are Abbott Laboratories, Hospira Inc, Nestle, Perrigo, Groupe Danone, Baxter International, B. Braun Melsungen AG, Mead Johnson, Fresenius Kabi, H.J. Heinz, and few others. Comparatively the branded products are given more preference than the newly introduced products by the consumers.

As per the future predictions, The Asia Pacific market tends to show more growth rate in clinical nutrition industry with its large amounts of population, greater availability of resources and the continuous public and private investments in the field of medical science.

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