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Global Dental Devices Market Worth USD 9.38 Bn By 2027

The North American region played a dominating role in the global dental devices market and is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. On the other end, the APAC market is rising at a significant CAGR and is predicted to account for a substantial share in the global market by the end of forecast period.

As per our research report, the global dental devices market is estimated to grow to USD 9.38 billion by 2027 from USD 7.26 billion in 2022, rising at a CAGR of 5.25% from 2022 to 2027.

Dental devices refer to the tools that are used to diagnose and treat dental problems. Dental caries and periodontal disease are two disorders that affect the majority of the population. These devices are used to examine, manipulate, treat, restore, and remove teeth and associated oral structures. Hospitals, clinics, and dental laboratories all use dental devices.


The global dental devices market is being propelled forward by rising rates of dental infections and other periodontal diseases, rising demand for dental care facilities and dental surgical procedures, and rising dental care staff, all of which are being aided by technological advancements. As new dental materials have been produced, the dental market has transformed. Patient compliance has risen in parallel with a surge in demand for minimally invasive procedures. Dental lasers are increasingly being employed in surgical procedures such as gum elevation to eliminate or minimize blood loss and reduce patient discomfort. Adhesive dentistry, which uses composite materials to improve aesthetics and strengthen teeth while inflicting minimal damage to tooth components, is another factor that has gained a lot of attention. As a result, the number of patients opting for such procedures is increasing. Favorable government regulations, a growing senior population, the presence of significant market competitors, and an increase in the demand for dental operations are factors that are helping to propel the market forward.

Cosmetic dentistry is predicted to be one of the most in-demand segments in the future, with promising opportunities during the forecast period. Consumer awareness is growing, as is the prevalence of oral health disorders, sedentary and changing lifestyles, and increased dental tourism. A growing number of dental laboratories are investing in CAD/CAM technologies, which will open up a plethora of opportunities. The features of real teeth may now be replicated due to improvements in dental materials and procedures. One of the most common in-office cosmetic dentistry procedures is cosmetic tooth whitening. As a result, the emphasis on creating new technologies and dental materials is projected to open up new opportunities for dental device manufacturers. Other factors projected to boost market growth include increased use of hazardous drugs such as cigarettes or alcohol, which cause tooth damage, and an increase in the number of dental clinics and practitioners, which leads to increased demand for dental devices.

On the other hand, digital dental imaging technologies, such as digital dental X-ray and dental CBCT systems, provide high-quality images that allow for reliable diagnosis of dental diseases. The exorbitant prices of these systems are limiting their use. Dental services and experts are in short supply in developing and underdeveloped regions due to a lack of resources. As a result, a scarcity of skilled dental practitioners would provide a significant challenge to the market's growth throughout the projection period.

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Based on the end-user, the hospitals and clinics segment is predicted to lead the global dental devices market during the forecast period. Because of the growing number of dental hospitals and clinics, the adoption of modern technologies in dental hospitals, and the growing demand for aesthetic dentistry, hospitals and clinics are expected to have the largest market share.

Geographically, in the global dental devices market, the Asia-Pacific region is the fastest expanding. This is due to growing consumer awareness of dental and oral health in developing countries including China, India, Japan, and South Korea. Moreover, throughout the forecast period, the expanding elderly population in these nations is boosting the growth of the dental devices market. Furthermore, medical tourism is quickly growing in the Asia Pacific region as a result of reduced patient wait times, lower treatment costs, the availability of a big pool of trained dentists and high-end technology, and the existence of tourist locations and high-quality lodgings. These factors will contribute to the expansion of the dental devices market in this region.

Due to factors such as widespread acceptance of technological advancements in dental devices, such as lasers, intra-oral cameras, digital radiography, and CAD/CAM systems, and continued favorable demographic trends, and increased importance of oral hygiene to overall health, North America accounted for the largest share of the global market in 2021. During the forecast period, the region is expected to grow at a healthy growth rate. The expanding elderly population, solid medical infrastructure, well-established reimbursement regulations, the presence of important market competitors, and advancements in preventative and restorative dental treatments are all contributing factors.

Danaher Corporation, Planmeca OY, A-dec Inc, Carestream Health, Inc, Dentsply Sirona, AMD LASERS, Biolase, Inc, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Midmark Corporation and 3M are a few of the prominent companies operating in the global dental devices market.

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By Product Type:

  • Dental Radiology Equipment
    • Intraoral
      • Digital sensors
      • Digital X-Ray units
    • Extraoral
      • Analog
      • Digital
  • Systems and Parts
    • Cast Machine
    • Instrument Delivery Systems
    • Vacuums & Compressors
    • Cone Beam CT Systems
    • Furnace and Ovens
    • CAD/CAM
    • Electrosurgical Equipment
  • Dental Lasers
    • Diode Lasers
      • Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
      • Quantum Well Lasers
      • Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
      • Heterostructure Lasers
      • Distributed Feedback Lasers
      • Quantum Cascade Lasers
      • Separate Confinement Heterostructure Lasers
      • Carbon dioxide Lasers
  • Laboratory Machines
    • Micro Motor
    • Ceramic Furnaces
    • Electronic Waxer
    • Hydraulic Press
    • Suction Unit
  • Hygiene Maintenance
    • Air Purification & Filters
    • Hypodermic Needle Incinerator
    • Sterilizers

By End User:

  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Others

By Region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa

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