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Diagnostic Imaging Market

Diagnostic Imaging Market a Growing Trend In The Medical Industry

When we hear the word “imaging” our mind things of various creative things, it is a fact that imaging is very useful in the medical field.  Because of proper imaging system the doctor can diagnose the ailment and treat broken bones with ease and precision.  Imaging is definitely creative and gives a very clear picture of what is happening inside a human body.  This is where diagnostic imaging market comes into picture.  This market is very vast and will never go out of use, as many new technologies in the medical field are dependent on diagnostic imaging.  Usually procedures using diagnostic imaging are not painful and which makes it easy for the doctors to treat children with severe or serious ailments.

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Diagnostic imaging industry is huge and can be divided based on different kinds of equipment’s and there usage.  It can be segmented into X-rays, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, MRI, tomography, tactile imaging and many others.  The X-ray and ultrasound market are again classified based on portability and technology respectively.  This industry has grown a lot and is still continuing to grow in the developing countries.  Many countries have now started to use more advanced equipment, due to which they are using different diagnostic imaging tools and equipment.  One of the most common machines that has been around this market for long is X-ray machines, these are used for orthopedic purposes, where fracture, hairline fracture and other ailments related to bones can be checked using magnetic resonance imaging.  Ultrasound is also another common tool which is used in hospitals.

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The global diagnostic imaging market is already stable and is doing extremely well.  This market is expanding due to certain diseases like cancer, cardiac, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, all of these ailments need prompt diagnosis which will give a clear picture to the physician.  This is when diagnostic imaging is used in various hospitals.  Although, there are several advantages of diagnostic imaging market, but there are certain disadvantages like costly procedures and equipment, side effects of diagnostic imaging procedures and reaching a saturation point in industrialized countries are hindering the growth of this market to some extent.  But, developing countries are open for this market and they have started to use and are finding it advantageous for medical purposes the use of imaging system.  Many have been able to get cured due to diagnostic imaging.

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Healthcare diagnostic imaging market share is huge, healthcare industry is very vast and now has expanded, as it is being provided at home as well.  Many patients opt for home healthcare rather than staying in the hospital.  People who are able to afford the imaging equipment and other portable diagnostic imaging devices at home are opting for it and are ready to pay whatever the cost is.  This is one of the reasons why home healthcare is slowly increasing and is gaining popularity.  There are many imaging devices which are portable and can be used at home as well.  These devices are bought by patients who get trained on how to use them when they are at home.

Different companies are manufacturing these devices.  Diagnostic imaging market is vast and there are several equipment that are used in the hospital.  Some of the key players who are manufacturing these devices are GE healthcare, Siemens healthcare, Toshiba medical systems corporation, Hitachi Medical Corporation among many others.

Prompt and correct diagnosis of an ailment or illness is necessary for a doctor to give the correct medications.  Certain ailments, which are internal and cannot be diagnosed without proper medical intervention, needs diagnostic imaging.  These images will help the doctor diagnose the disease and give proper treatment for the patient to recover from the illness much faster.


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