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Foot And Ankle Devices Market

Foot and Ankle Devices Market worth USD 6.46 Billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 7.5%

An Overview:

Foot and ankle devices are best at healing pain in the areas of foot and ankle. The chances are pretty high to help in recovering from accident injuries or physical deformities. It can be enlarged metatarsal bone,  contracted toes, arthritis, or complications caused by diabetes. But, the current medical advancement has come up with certain surgical procedures involved in fixation of such deformities by using sophisticated foot and ankle equipment. The increasing count of these cases made an extreme progress in surgical methods for a stable and healthy  growth in foot and ankle devices market. The foot and ankle device market also help in leg amputation (due to gangrene), reconstructing the ligaments, joint replacements, surgical immobilization of joint by fusion of bones, and internal fixation of bones (due to fracture) by availing screws and/or plates through open surgery.

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Foot and Ankle Devices Market: Trends

An extremity in foot and ankle became the prime contributors for revenue generation to the global foot and ankle devices market. North America is portrayed for massive demand of foot and ankle devices; and Asia Pacific is staged for the fastest growth rate. Globally, the slope-up of geriatric population bodes well for the time ahead for foot and ankle devices, as the bone strength in aged people can decrease and increase the possibilities of fracture in them. To be specific, growing diabetes cases are grabbing more attention which are leading to leg amputation(s) than the injuries caused by accidents or sports.

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With the medical sophistication,

Foot and Ankle Devices Market: Size

According to the study performed by NHIS (National Health Interview Survey), the number of cases recorded for foot and ankle deformities are recorded mostly in aged people. In US, it was estimated 22.65% (approx) adults are being diagnosed with arthritis every year. Remarkably, the report consists a list of people who are tormented with diabetes, poor blood circulation, and sores on foot and ankle areas.  It actually sounds great when foot and ankle devices support and make the surgical procedure feasible to the people. More than 35% people are experiencing severe fractures leading to surgical interventions. When people started accepting the products in the market, there is no look back for Foot and Ankle Devices Market. In fact, it has boosted the market demand by top notching the technological advancements with better battery span and rich shock absorptions.

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Foot and Ankle Devices Market: Worth

Rise of road accident cases and diabetes history has ignited the demand for Foot and Ankle devices. Taking an account of tentative numerics, Foot and Ankle Devices Market worth has been anticipated to reach $5.41 Billion by 2020. This global report was forecasted by analyzing the major challenges and opportunities since 2015. Considering the requests from different regions for various products, the foot and ankle devices market is been segmented into basic devices, and surgical support devices for orthopedic specialists.

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Foot and Ankle Devices Market: Analysis

The region-wise outlook of foot and ankle devices market is segmented into few leading geographical areas. Due to high financial standing of victims, there was a very high acceptance rate for advanced technologies, the largest markets for the foot and ankle devices are contributed by North American countries such as the U.S. and Canada. Noticeably, it was reported that there is a rise in road accident cases in the Asia-Pacific region, resulting in the high demand for foot and ankle devices.

Foot and Ankle Devices Market: Research Report

Acumed, Arthrex Inc., Biomet, Inc., BioPro, Inc., De Puy Synthes, Integra Life-Sciences Corporation,LLC, Mondeal Medical Systems GmbH, Orthofix Holdings Inc., OrthoHelix Surgical Designs Inc., Small Bone Innovations, Smith & Nephew plc, Stryker Corporation, Tornier, Vilex, Wright Medical Technology Inc., and Zimmer Holdings Inc., plays a very crucial role in operating the foot and ankle devices market.

Certain decisive data can be accessed from this report which includes market growth drivers, limitation factors, current trends in the market, market structure, and projection for upcoming years in the market.

This research report is been featured with the following highlights:

  • Overview of key market forces paddling and restraining market growth
  • Incorporating the latest analyses of industry trends, market trends and technological improvements
  • Precise analyses on competitors’ strategies and market dynamics
  • An impressive range of graphics and SWOT analysis of prime industry segments
  • A well-defined technological growth map with impact-analysis
  • A comprehensive understanding on competitive landscape and key product segments

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