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Protein A Resins Market

A Look At The Rapidly Growing Global Protein A Resin Market Size

Protein a Resin – A brief introduction

Protein A Resin is used and designed for the simple and rapid purification of antibodies during the production of biologics including monoclonal antibodies (MAb). MAb is the fastest growing markets in the medical product segment with Protein A emerging as the workhorse of almost all MAb processes as pharmaceutical companies require purification process to separate MAb from other antibodies.

Monoclonal antibodies can be defined as an antibody produced by single clone cells that can be produced in large quantities in a laboratory. They are used to carry drugs, toxins or radioactive substances straight to cancer cells and show impeccable results in the management of chronic diseases like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Protein A Resin helps in the purification of monoclonal antibodies due to the presence of fragment-crystallized region (Fc region) in the MAb that specifically binds to Protein A Resin.

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Protein A Resin Market Analysis – An opportunity assessment

For the biopharmaceutical industry Protein A Resins are crucial as they are used for purification and separation of materials due to high resolution. Protein A Resins market size is dependent on the growing diagnostic and therapeutic applications of monoclonal antibodies. The global Protein A Resins Market is estimated to be worth $388.15 million in 2016 with an estimated CAGR growth of 8.2% that may reach to a level of $575.6 billion by the end of 2021.

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Due to an increased prevalence of chronic diseases like cancer, governments across the globe right now are spending huge funds on Research and Development activities pertaining to monoclonal antibodies that are in turn driving the sales of Protein A Resin. The global protein A market outlook is positive with the demand for chromatography resins for drug discovery in the North American region.

In addition, an increasing compliance on low-cost biosimilar antibodies in developing economies and a huge number of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in the biopharmaceutical industry is expected to create enough revenue generation opportunities in the global Segmentation of Protein A Resin Market. According to a leading Protein A Resins Market Research Report, Protein A resins are the highest selling affinity chromatography resins accounting for a share of approximately 37% in developed economies. The chromatography resins market in drug discovery is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% during 2017-2020 in terms of value.

Categorization of Protein A Resin Market – Tabulated Representation

The global Protein A Resin market analysis is not complete unless and until the reader knows about the segmentation of this market. This Protein A Resin market is segmented or categorized into Product Type, Application, Matrix Type and End User. This segmentation is presented in form of a table for ease in understanding this segmentation as given below-

Segmentation of Protein A Resin Market

Product Type Application Matrix Type End User
Natural Protein A Resin Immuno precipitation Glass or Silica Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers,
Recombinant Protein A Resin Antibody Purification  Agarose Clinical Research Laboratories
Organic Polymer Academic Institutions

The Recombinant Protein A Resin is showing a significant growth at a CAGR of around 8% due to various techniques and products being used for their expression and purification. Regional wise, the United States of America dominates the other regions due to the presence of well-established institutions and research facilities for clinical trials. In addition, the increased research and development by the key biopharmaceutical companies in the United States is the key driver of chromatography demand in the regions of North America.

The next region that comes closer to the United States is Europe followed by Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the next playing field for biopharmaceutical companies due to an increasing demand for biosimilars and expanding biopharmaceutical manufacturing capacities of this region.

In addition, the favorable government policies and dynamic infrastructure facilities especially in China, India is attracting international companies to set up manufacturing plants in this region. There are skilled professionals available in the developing economies that are willing to work for lower salaries when compared with those in developed nations.

Key players or Companies in Protein A Resin market
The key players in Protein A Resin Market include companies such as-
• GE Healthcare
• Repligen Corporation
• Novasep
• Tosoh Bioscience,
• GenScript
• Thermo Fisher Scientific
• Expedeon Ltd

These companies are involved in research and development activities to discover and develop new product launches in the field of chromatography resins market.

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