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New Ways to Protect your Grass – Turf and Ornamental Grass Protection

Of all the problems of the world of gardening, the most irritating one has to be the brown patches on your lush green grass. Or some weeds and mushrooms growing here and there in the corners. Even worst is rodent infestation underneath the lawn. All these problems are a pain for someone who loves nature and takes utmost time to growing a beautiful green grass lawn. But, without the proper Grass Protection tools, there would be no beauty nor greenery in your grass lawns.

The type of Grass can mainly be classified into two type – Turf Grass and Ornamental Grass. Turf grass is the small grass plant spread that is majorly used in vast walkable areas like lawns, gardens, golf courses, football fields and various other area. Ornamental grass, as its name suggests, is the decorative plant grass that comes in different varieties and sizes for decorating the interiors and exteriors of homes, offices and gardens. Today, more and more people have started the practice of gardening as it is helps maintain the atmosphere and also adds a scenic view. Not only that, but Doctors and Psychologists are recommending gardening as a method of relaxation and stress-relief.

Today, vast majority of people use synthetic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides for Grass Protection due the easy availability and hassle-free usage. Synthetic Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides dominate the market of Grass Protection. But, due to the changing mindset of people, Biological Grass Protection products are soon picking up the pace. People have started preferring Bio-Pesticides over Synthetic ones due their organic formulation and environmental safety standards. Even tough Bio-Pesticides have a low market share; the changing trends signify a positive and drastic shift in the ratios in the coming years.

Grass Protection

One great competitor to the Grass Protection market, though indirect, is the Artificial Grass. Artificial Grass or Pseudo-Grass has taken the market by a storm since it was first used. People are preferring this grass over Natural Grass due its affordability and extremely low maintenance costs. But, people all around the world are slowly becoming more environment conscious and are choosing Natural Grass over Artificial Grass, even though the care and costs involved are much higher. Analysts at Market Data Forecast have estimated the current The Global Turf and Ornamental Grass Protection market at USD 5.20 Billion and have projected it to reach USD 6.45 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 4.40% during the forecast period from 2016 to 2021.

The major players in the Global Turf and Ornamental Grass Protection market are Adama Agricultural Solutions LTD, American Vanguard Corporation, AMVAC Chemical Corporation, Arysta Lifescience, Bayer cropscience AG, Bio-works Inc, Cheminova A/S, Chemtura agrosolutions, DuPont, FMC Corporation and many more. R&D costs associated with new active ingredients for pesticides are also a major hurdle that is being faced by many Agrochemical companies. North America and Europe dominate the global volume of pesticides used in maintaining Turf & Ornamental Grasses, given the predominance of golf courses and gardens in these regions. However, Asia-Pacific and Latin America Markets are soon picking due to the increased plantation to encourage Tourism and promote sports.

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