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artificial-pancreas by market data forecast


Currently, patients suffering from Type-1 diabetes are required to use two systems, one for glucose monitoring and other for insulin delivery. The contemporary insulin delivery methods have to account for the extreme unpredictability of insulin needs. For example, the amount of insulin needed can vary largely depending on factors like amount of exercise, stress levels, […]

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wearable devices market by market data forecast

An Industry Analysis on Wearable Medical Devices Market

A wearable medical device is defined as a bio sensor that monitors physiological data, usually with remote/wireless communication, as a part of any wearable item that attaches to the body. Most wearable medical devices till date have been concentrating in the areas of fitness and exercise like walking, jogging and running. They also measure other parameters such as […]

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blood glucose testing supplies

Continuous Glucose Monitoring – The new phase(face) of diabetic diagnostics

BEING FAT SUCKS. Take it from me, who has been obese all my life. Being overweight accompanies many health risks like hypertension, cardiac arrest, stroke and some cancers in rare cases. Then of course there’s Adult onset diabetes or Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus. It accounts for 90% of all the diagnosed diabetes cases with majority of people not […]

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