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MINIATURE LEADLESS PACEMAKER – Beginning a new revolution in cardiac device industry

Approximately 5 million conventional pacemakers are currently implanted worldwide (800,000 annually). Out of these, there are around 75,000 annual cases of lead failure are reported. To meet this immediate need and eliminate the complications involved with the lead wiring, researchers have developed a miniature leadless pacemaker. Leadless pacemakers are designed to accomplish the same pacing […]

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Impact of Remote Patient Monitoring on Healthcare

Cardiovascular diseases are predominant cause of death accounting for approximately 30% of all total deaths worldwide. They are caused by various factors, mainly including high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, lack of exercise, obesity, high blood pressure and excessive alcohol consumption. Of these, High blood pressure accounts for 13% of the total cardiovascular deaths worldwide, while […]

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