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Treating Cancer Naturally – Monoclonal Antibodies

Cancer, commonly referred to a group of diseases, is the most feared and deadliest of diseases in the world. It is characterized by the uncontrollable and growth and spread of the abnormal cells. It is the disease that turns our body against us and shuts down the immune system. If the spread of these cells is not controlled, death is certain. Every year cancer takes millions of lives all around the world due to delayed detection or ineffective treatment of the disease.  It is expected that the total number of cancer deaths will rise from 14 million in 2014 to 22 million within the next 2 decades.

Treating cancer has never been an easy process, as it always had a high cost and a down side. Most commonly used treatment methods like Surgery, Radio Therapy and Chemotherapy are all expensive, damaging and backed by severe side effects. These methods often cause physical damage to the body and leave the patient far from normal. In their pursuit of destroying the abnormal cancer cells, they end up damaging the normal, healthy cells which lead to further side effects like pain, infection, hair loss, infertility, sleep loss and sometimes memory or concentration loss.

So how can we treat Cancer without causing further damage?

The answer is Immunology. To be specific, Monoclonal Antibodies are the key to solving the cancer problem naturally. Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are laboratory-produced molecules engineered to serve as substitute antibodies that can restore, enhance or mimic the immune system’s attack on cancer cells. The mAbs are antibodies clinically made from a single enhanced antibody which carries out a specific function against the cancer cells. Most common function involves the mAb finding and binding with the antigen on the cancer cells that helps the immune system identify the abnormal cells and act naturally in destroying them.

When mAbs are combined with Chemotherapy, the results are nothing but miracles. The mAbs are used to “tag” the abnormal cancer cells and this helps in delivering the Chemotherapy directly to the affected cells. Ado-trastuzumab ematansine is one such mAb, which is approved to treat HER2-positive Breast Cancer. The chemotherapy damages the cancer cells and doesn’t harm the normal cells.


Due to its highly effective performance and miraculous results, mAbs are highly demanded in the market right now. According to our analysts, the Global Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Market is currently estimated at USD 27 billion and is expected to soar higher with a CAGR of 11.2% by 2020 to reach USD 45 billion. With the unexpected rise in the number of new cancer cases, Pharma giants have started investing millions into this market.   The major players in the Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Market being Amgen, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol Meyer Squibb, Merck, Roche, Eli Lilly, Immunogen, Novartis, Seattle Genetics and Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.

Major Milestones in the Immuno-Oncology Market in 2016:

  1. Merck & Co. and Ablyn partner up to invest up to USD 6.5 billion to discover and develop up to 12 new immune-oncology drugs.
  2. Janssen Biotech of Johnson & Johnson’s and Bristol-Meyer Squibb enter into Clinical Collaboration to test 2 immuno-oncology drugs, PD-L1 and OPDIVO.
  3. Merck KGaA agreed tojointly develop and commercialize its PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor with Pfizer.
  4. Genentech, a member of the Roche Group announced positive results for TECENTRIQ from the Phase III study.
  5. Celgene and Agios Pharmaceuticals partner up with USD 1 billion investment, 200 million upfront.
  6. FDA to clear Merck’s KEYTRUDA Drug as first line therapy for patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer.
  7. Taiho Ventures Invests USD 70 million in Arcus Biosciences, Inc.

All major healthcare companies have started developing Monoclonal Antibodies and aim to be the market leaders in the field of Immuno-Oncology. They have identified the potential and advantages mAbs would offer to the people and are striving hard to discover and develop better drugs to capture the open market. Immuno-Oncology therapy has the power to replace the conventional Surgery Method of tumor removal. Right now this therapy is available for, if not for all, major ones like Brain, Breast, Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Colorectal, Lung, Melanoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Prostate, Stomach cancers. As of now, mAbs have shown great results in various phases and various clinics around the world but still have a few side effects that range from mild to less severe. Doctors have assured that these side effects can be reduced by proper pre and post therapy medication. Scientists and Companies are constantly working on improving the existing mAbs and developing new ones with better technologies.

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