Agriculture is an umbrella term for various activities -- production of various items and the several ways of doing it. It is a very diverse and dynamic sector. The dawn of 21st century has presented agriculture with numerous modern techniques to improve itself, and a cat's cradle of complexities across several facets to get stunted. While some call these challenges, the experts say these are opportunities:

  • Agriculture, similar to many sectors, has to multiply its production to meet the needs of an ever-increasing population, and scaling of production is expected to improve accordingly.
  • The sector is currently the employer of over one thirds of world's population, but with an ever-decreasing amount of human labor, the agriculture-based machinery industry is on a boom. An increased amount of innovation is going on in making agriculture smart.
  • Agriculture has seen a bit of decline due to competition from other sectors, especially Services, in the recent years, but all the governments are getting serious about food security, what with dramatic climate changes and such.
  • Most countries are undeterred by any number of forces to provide their citizens with a better quality of life, and a part of it translates to strict regulations on agricultural practices, no matter what.
  • As more and more developing countries are being able to afford better agricultural products, a change in import-export dynamics is anticipated.
  • Although agriculture seems green, it's also a reason for environmental pollution. Clearing of forests for farmland, gases released from bio-waste, and air, water and soil contamination from agrochemicals. New companies are emerging to address these issues.

It is often difficult to stay on top of all of this, especially since most of this data is not readily available, but Market Data Forecast reports help you do that by providing you with extensive aggregation and intensive analysis of data on the sector.

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