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Pulished Date April, 2021
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Europe 3D Printing Metal Market Segmentation By Offering (Printer, Material, Software, Service), Process (Binder Jetting, Direct Energy Deposition, Material Extrusion, Material Jetting, Powder Bed Fusion) and Region – Forecast to 2026

Pulished: April, 2021
ID: 10282
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Europe 3D Printing Metal Market Value and Growth:

The Europe 3D Printing Metal Market is expected to garner a compound annual growth rate of 13% in the foreseen period from 2021 to 2026.

In today's world, the European 3D Printing Metals market is a rapidly expanding market. The high-promising growth of the 3D Printing Metals market is due to an increase in demand for customized items. This is a manufacturing method for producing complex structures and smaller designs. Manufacturers may now design and develop sophisticated structures that were previously impossible to achieve using traditional production methods because to the introduction of 3D printing metal. Metal 3D printing is a layer-by-layer manufacturing procedure that improves the accuracy of the final product.

3D printing is popularly termed metal additive manufacturing. It's a manufacturing technique that's primarily utilized to create intricate structures and intricate designs. Manufacturers have been able to manufacture more intricate structures with greater ease because of the debut of 3D printing metal, which was previously difficult to achieve using traditional production techniques. Metal 3D printing is a manufacturing technology in which items are built up layer by layer, increasing the final output's accuracy.

This process, in general, requires only metal powder, which can be used to create various parts and components according to the needs of the manufacturers. There are a variety of machines that may be used to create such intricate structures. They must, however, be operated under human supervision. The use of powder metals in product manufacturing has enabled producers to use a wide variety of minerals and alloys.

Recent Developments

  • In October 2018, Carpenter technologies completed the purchase of LPW technologies in a deal worth $81 Million.
  • Sandvik is investing in creating novel and advanced stainless-steel grade and aims to deliver about 475 tons to CERN. This is considered as the most prominent orders that reinforces the material expertise of Sandvik.

Drivers and Restraints of Europe 3D Printing Metals Market

In additive manufacturing (AM), metal is a primary focus area that has resulted in increased investments in the last few years. 3D printing metal industry in Europe is expanding with the rising call from defence and aerospace industries. This is mainly credited to the fact that 3D printing metal has the ability to decrease the aerospace components weight and boost the overall efficiency. 3D printing metal is used as fuel nozzle and increased usage in manufacturing of critical components in the automobile and aerospace industry are determined to boost the demand in the European market.

The extraction process of Titanium involves several health hazards and harmful effects on the atmosphere. In addition to this, the expenses related to the extraction is on the higher side and thus industries do not tend towards this process in several developed nations.

3D Printing metal market has been segmented into the following categories.

On the basis of Offering

  • Printer

  • Material

  • Software

  • Service

On the basis of Process

  1. Binder Jetting

  2. Material Extrusion

  3. Direct Energy Deposition

  4. Material Jetting

  5. Power Bed Fusion

Manufacturers dealing in powder metallurgy are testing different powder materials along with their safety standards in order to ensure that these powders are used in number of applications, such as printing whole airplane engine with the aid of 3D printing technology, in the foreseen period.

European countries, especially Germany has been funding heavily in the aerospace sector. 3D printing metals are employed in the production of particular brackets for satellites without changing the existing mould designs and making procedure. The rising call for critical engineering and fabrication applications in the aerospace & defence industry is promoting the international marketplace.

3D Printing metal market Regional Analysis:
  • By 2025, Europe's 3D printing metals market is predicted to be the fastest-growing in the world. Because of the low cost of fuel, the demand for new aircraft is increasing, which will help to enhance the regional market. Fast industrialization, supporting government policies, and a growing tendency of adopting new technology are expected to enhance demand for 3D printing metals throughout the European region. MakerBot teamed with Distance in April 2015 to offer 3D printing options in the region, leveraging the company's strong local presence and logistics skills.
  • The United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy lead the regional market in 3D printing for end parts, mainly in the healthcare and aerospace sectors. Some governments have developed a national plan for additive manufacturing as part of their Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing goals. Attenborough Dental and Renishaw utilize 3D printing for crowns and bridges; Bowman International uses 3D printing for bearing cages; and GKN uses 3D printing for automotive and aerospace components.
  • The vast majority of UK industry, on the other hand, has yet to fully embrace metal additive manufacturing technology, indicating significant market growth potential. These are the primary variables that will propel this region's growth in the market from 2021-2026.
  • Finally, the France 3D printing metal market is oriented around enormous multi-activity groups and 3D printing experts. The market is quickly expanding, because of the large number of very dynamic SMEs. However, the sector is still fighting to establish itself, and demand is primarily international, serving the automotive, aeronautics, space, and medical sectors.

There are several market players that are asserting their dominance in the 3D printing metal market in recent years, some of the big names in Europe are:

  1. 3D systems corporations

  2. Stratasys

  3. Sandvik Materials technology

  4. LPW Technology

  5. The ExOne company.

Impact of COVID-19 on the European 3D Printing metal market

Europe is currently facing extreme economic slowdown amidst this pandemic and manufacturing sectors that require heavily require lubricants and coatings have gone stagnant. European nations are among the most affected areas due to the coronavirus outbreak. Before the start of the pandemic, the growth rate was flat due to the technological transition and post that it has suffered deeply. Europe has become the most affected region from the pandemic, and it has affected businesses severely. The coatings and thus in turn Titanium Oxide which is the crucial element in 3D printing metal industries incurred heavy losses and were often required to prove strong liquidity to avoid bankruptcy. The pandemic can bring some changes in the consumer segment of the industry which will eventually affect the demand as industrial coatings and paints are no longer being seen as a top priority.


Europe 3D printing Metal Market

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