Pulished : October, 2018
ID: 157
Region: Global
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The Bioinsecticides Market is predicted to reach USD 3.18 Billion by 2021 with a CAGR of 18.3 % according to the Market Data Forecast

Pulished: October, 2018
ID: 157
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The Bioinsecticides Market report published by Market Data Forecast provides a detailed account of the Market Trends via Customized Research presented as Strategic Analyses, Company Profiles, Competitive Landscape, etc. According to the report, Global Bioinsecticides Market was worth USD 1.372 Billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 3.18 Billion by 2021 with a CAGR of 18.3 %. Market is segmented by Type (Predators, Pathogens & Parasites, and Natural insecticides), by crop type (Cereals & Grains, Oilseeds & Pulses, Fruits & Vegetables and others), by Formulation (Dry, Liquid), by Mode of Application (Soil treatment, seed treatment, Foliar spray, post-harvest and others), by Mechanism (Mating Disruption, Anti-Feeding, Suffocation, Desiccation). Further the market is also geographically segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle-East & Africa.

Drivers such as rise in crop loss due to insects and diseases, development of pest-resistance to various chemicals, changing farming practices are driving the market. However, some of the factors such as the Stringent Regulations on pesticide use is slowing down growth of the market.

Verticillium Lecanii insecticides is expected to be the fastest growing segment because it detoxifies the land and fight against the root cause of the problem. Fruits & Vegetables accounted for largest crop type segment owing to increased consumption of Fruits & Vegetables.

North America dominates the market as it has largest producers of Fruits & Vegetables in US and Canada. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing segment owing to the presence of developing countries like china and India.

Major Players in the Bioinsecticides market are Valent Biosciences Corporation, Syngenta AG, Bayer Crop Science AG, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Novozymes A/S, and Koppert B.V.

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