Pulished : October, 2018
ID: 159
Region: Global
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The Fertilizer Additives Market Is Predicted To Reach USD 3.08 Billion With A CAGR Of 2.6% According To Market Data Forecast Report

Pulished: October, 2018
ID: 159
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The Fertilizer Additives Market report published by Market Data Forecast provides a detailed account of the Market Trends via Customized Research presented as Strategic Analyses, Company Profiles, Competitive Landscape, etc. According to the report the Fertilizer Additives Market is estimated to be USD 2.57 billion in 2018 and predicted to rise to USD 2.92 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 2.6%. The market is segmented by Function (Anticaking Agents, Dedusting Agents, Antifoaming Agents, Hydrophobic Agent, Corrosion Inhibitors), by Application (Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Diammonium Phosphate, Monoammonium Phosphate, Ammonium Sulphate and Triple Super Phosphate), by Form of Application (Granular Fertilizers, Prilled Fertilizers and Powdered Fertilizers). Further the market is also geographically segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle-East & Africa.

According to the current market trends the market for fertilizer additives is expected to show evident potential in the coming years. There are various factors driving the growth of the market. Some of these are R&D in fertilizer manufacturing technology, rising demand for agricultural commodities and higher crop yield and ease of application and handling of fertilizers. On the other hand, the market has been facing some challenges and restraints as well. These include growth of organic fertilizer industry, adverse effects of agrochemicals on human health, environmental impact of chemical fertilizers and stringent government regulations.

The Fertilizer additives market has been segmented on the basis of function, application and for of application. Based on function, the anticaking agents accounted for the largest share in the market over other sub segments. The Urea sub segment dominated the market share under the application segmentation. Similarly, on the basis of form of application the granular fertilizers lead the market share.

On the basis of geographical analysis, the Asia-Pacific market for fertilizer additives dominated the share globally. North America followed after APAC with the second largest market share. The main reason behind the growth of these regions is the high adoption rate of new technologies in fertilizer production.

There are various companies competing in the market of fertilizer additives, showing their dominance with their products and service. The major ones include Clariant, KAO Corporation, Novochem Group, Amit Trading Ltd., Arrmaz, Filtra Catalysts & Chemicals Ltd.,  Chemipol, Forbon Technology, Michelman, Tolsa Group.

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