Pulished : October, 2018
ID: 82
Region: Global
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The Liquid Biopsy Market is predicted to reach 1.75 USD billion with a CAGR of 24.3% according to Market Data Forecast report

Pulished: October, 2018
ID: 82
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The Liquid Biopsy Market report published by Market Data Forecast provides a detailed account of the Market Trends via Customized Research presented as Strategic Analyses, Company Profiles, Competitive Landscape, etc. According to the report the Liquid Biopsy Market is estimated to be 590.2 USD million and predicted to rise to 1.75 USD billion with a CAGR of 24.3%. The market is segmented by Cancer Type (Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Leukemia and Other Visceral Cancers) by Sample Type (blood, urine, plasma, saliva and Cerebrospinal) by Diagnostic Approach (Circulating Tumour cells (CTC), Circulating Tumour DNA (ctDNA), RNA in exosomes and Extra-Cellular Vesicles), By End Users (Reference Laboratories, Hospital/Physician Laboratories, Academic and Research Centers, and Other End Users). Further the market is also geographically segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle-East & Africa.

Growing support by the medical communities is helping to drive growth for the liquid biopsy market. Early detection is an emerging advantage of liquid biopsy. Growth of the global liquid biopsy market is mainly driven by increasing prevalence of cancer globally. Other prominent growth factors include increasing preference of oncologists towards non-invasive diagnostic procedure for detecting cancer. Major drawback of liquid biopsies is that tissue allows to assess multiple genes at the same time whereas most of these blood and urine tests assess one gene at a time.

The circulating tumor cells segment is expected to account for the largest share of the global market, followed by the circulating tumor DNA segment. Blood is the most widely used sample type, and is expected to remain the largest market based on sample type in the coming years as well.

All major action in the field of liquid biopsy is expected to emerge from North America and Europe region over the forecast period. However, with development of sophisticated R&D infrastructure in emerging region such as Asia-Pacific, is expected to gain traction supported through gradual availability of low-cost meaningful liquid biopsy option in cancer diagnosis. 

The key players dominating the liquid biopsy market are Janssen Diagnostics, Qiagen, Rarecells SAS, Silicon Biosystems, SRI International, Myriad Genetics, Natera, Personal Genome Diagnostics, Sysmex Inostics, Trovagene, Exosome Diagnostics, Exosome Sciences, and HansaBiomed OU.

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