The need for higher quality and efficient medication is an ever rising one considering the increase in the average human life expectancy. Notwithstanding this, there is also an equal increase in the number of chronic infections and diseases around us. This calls for rapid increase in research and development involving novel pathways to counteract these infections while causing no significant or long term harm to the consumers.

Companies invest a significant amount of their turnover (around 20%) into R&D so as to achieve the aforementioned goals while staying ahead of the competition. One strategy adopted by present day global pharmaceutical giants is to outsource their research to countries other than the United States, where there is a larger talent pool available at lesser costs of employment. China and India are two players which are emerging to near double digit percentages in terms of market share in the recent times.

There is a large growth market in terms of pharmaceutical research when it comes to the discovery of blockbuster drugs but they usually encounter roadblocks such as failure during sampling and testing (in essence, leading to effective action but causing some or many adverse reactions which might be deemed unsafe for prolonged human use), or during launching the drug when there isn’t really any relevance to the situation. This has ultimately reduced the number of new drugs entering the center stage. This nature of the sector leads to the increased opportunities for niche companies to participate in equal proportions to the already well established companies like Pfizer.

The considerations of research involve nascent fields of study such as proteomics and/or genomics, though nascent have been exponentially increasing in terms of importance in this sector and in terms of the amount of impact they have on the speed and efficacy in the production of new off-the-counter drugs. This idea follows the general philosophy of trying to attack an issue with the use of advanced mechanisms whose integration must have looked infeasible previously, but is possible now due to the improvements in the present day technology and instrumentation.

In the future, one could look forward to the advent of personalized medication and instant immunization procedures. Google Ventures invests around 40 % of their time into Healthcare and Life Services, with their head Bill Maris appearing on many magazine covers with the title “Google Wants You To Live Forever” as a hint at a recent project they are working on which is supposedly going to boost human life times to well beyond 120 years.


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