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The ups and downs of using Pyrethroids

The synthesized derivatives of pyrethrins which occur naturally, taken from pyrethrum, are known as synthetic pyrethroids. They are the ole-resin extracts of dried chrysanthemum flowers. The keto-alcoholic esters of pyrethroic acids and chrysanthemic acids are the ones responsible for the insecticidal properties of pyrethrins. The strong lipophilic nature of these acids aids them in rapidly […]

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Egg processing around the world, in the coming decade

Egg processing and Egg production have grown from being simple processes to complex webs involving multi-dimensional aspects of eggs, including animal welfare, traceability, nutritional benefits, and legislations. Traceability is expected to become an issue of importance to the whole of the egg industry. This is expected to have major consequences for egg products, and in […]

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