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Silage Additives Market

An Account Of Global Silage Additives Market Analysis

Silage Additives – An overview

Silage is a process of fermentation of high moisture fodder that is fed to the cattle, sheep or used as bio fuel feed stock for anaerobic digesters. Silage can be made from many field crops and is prepared by placing cut green vegetation in a pit or silo and covering the pit with airtight plastic sheets or by wrapping large round bales in airtight materials. The inherent bacteria and enzymes present in the atmosphere helps in making the top quality forage into excellent quality silage.

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However, in the natural silage process the bacteria present within the crop or fodder may be either detrimental to silage preservation or carry out an inefficient fermentation leading to the silage having lower nutrient content and utilized less efficiently by the ruminant animal. Silage additives help in controlling the preservation process so that by the time of feeding, the fodder or the crop retains as many nutrients present in the original fresh forage as possible. Silage additives in the form of acids, bacterial inoculants, enzymes help in improving silage quality and animal performance when compared to no additive.

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Global silage additives market – Eye View

Silage additives are categorized into two general categories such as stimulants and fermentation inhibitors with a large array of different silage additives available in the silage additives market.  The global silage additives market in 2016 was valued at $480 million with an estimated CAGR growth of 3.85% expected to reach $579.79 million by the end of 2021. The prominent global silage additives market trends that the market is as of now is witnessing include innovative silage additive products being made available into the market, ensuring that the silage additives are utilized in an economical manner without incurring huge costs and making new investments in the research and development activities for bringing in new silage additives.

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The farming community to improve the ensiling process for subsequent improvements in their cattle or animal performance is using silage additives. The demand for dairy and meat products is stimulating the global silage additives market. In addition, the growth in the global population, lifestyle changes and cultural trends is also one of the key factors in driving the demand for silage additives. The increased meat demand is leading to increased utilization of compound feed and silage feed additives that are generating a huge opportunity for silage additive manufacturers.

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Silage additives market outlookA competitor’s analysis

The silage additives outlook is positive and encouraging with market for specialty feeds expected to grow phenomenally with more and more compound feed manufacturers moving towards value addition of their products offered to remain in competition or at least stay ahead with their competitors. The poultry segment is the largest consumer of feed additives accounting for over 35% of the market because the demand for animal protein all around the globe has applied pressure on the poultry farmers to provide better quality and quantity of livestock to their end users/consumers.

The silage additives market size is creating enormous opportunities and demand for innovative products in animal nutrition with the focus remaining on the enhancing feed utilization and in improving the health in animals and those who are dependent on animal products. The silage additive market is categorized into Additives (Inoculants, acid additives, absorbents, nutrients) Crop or Application Type (Corn, Alfalfa, Clovers, Oats, rye and others) and Geography (North America, Asia-pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa).

The inoculants have the largest share among the silage additives market, which is due to the rapid growth of the livestock industry. By application – cereals and pulses crop together account for more than fifty percent of silage additive consumption. Based on region/geography North America is the ranked first followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing market with European markets accelerating the demand for silage additives due to regulations in some of the European countries promoting increase in home production and in reducing import of meat and giving subsidy to live stock farmers.

The key players or companies involved in the production/distribution and marketing of silage additives include-

  • BASF SE (Germany)
  • Cargill Inc (United States)
  • Selko Feed Additives (Netherlands)
  • Volac International Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Hansen Holdings A/S (Denmark)

These companies as such are focusing on increasing efficiency and in reducing cost of production of animal feed through their innovations in the production of silage additives.

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