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Technological advancements to drive the growth of Atrial Fibrillation Market

According to reports, in 2016, the market was worth $1.02 billion. At an expected Compound annual growth rate or CAGR of 14%, the market is supposed to reach at least $1.98 billion by 2021>

A tiny wound causes the most intense pain. You can tend it when it is external. However, it gets trickier when internal injuries cause discomfort. Atrial Fibrillation refers to a condition where the heart beats irregularly. If unattended, it could lead to strokes, clots, heart failure, and multiple other conditions that are termed fatal. Let’s have a look at the current scenario of Global Atrial Fibrillation Market.

Prevalence of diseases linked to the risks of the heart such as hypertension, obesity, and diabetes et al. mandate the existence of a solution. Not only does the risk increases with old age, but a sedentary lifestyle that has contributed to almost half of the world population suffering from hypertension, adds to the perils of the condition.

Did you know that rheumatic fever is also one of the largest causes of atrial fibrillation?

There have been major discoveries when it comes to treating the condition. Lower invasive procedures that are less painful and effective are implemented across the world to yield a proper and better outcome. Advanced treatment methods such as catheter ablation is one of the finest and most sophisticated methods that has given surgeons an edge over the regular options. Additionally, there are catheters that use microwave and radio frequency which can be used for ablation.

Cardiac keyhole surgery is now possible by the use of a micro camera that can travel all the way through the heart and provide live images making it easier to detect and solve problems on the operation table. Developed by the University College London and the Queen Mary University of London, the camera can be fixed to the tip of the catheters and other surgical instruments for a better understanding and view. A 3D mapping technology makes it even better.

The process of treating the Atrial Fibrillation is complex and requires impeccable skills. However, the number of well-trained and experienced surgeons and physicians is questionable. Therefore, even if there are several advancements in the field, the usage and expansion of the processes are limited.

Fighting all odds, forecasts suggest that the Atrial Fibrillation Surgery market is bound to grow exponentially. According to reports, in 2016, the market was worth $1.02 billion. At an expected Compound annual growth rate or CAGR of 14%, the market is supposed to reach at least $1.98 billion by 2021.

Atrial fibrillation can be treated by medication alone. Nevertheless, in a few cases, the conditions can get worse, and one might have to opt for surgeries. Untreated atrial fibrillation has been known to cause stroke in multiple patients; patients still do not take it as a serious condition. Therefore, it becomes essential that the condition is identified in the early stages to avoid the risk and damages.

When treating atrial fibrillation is in question, surgeons usually opt for several other procedures. There is known the usage of Anti-arrhythmic drugs and anti-coagulants that help in making the consistency of the blood thinner so that it becomes easier for the heart to pump it. Catheter Ablation is one of the most common processes.

Advanced catheters processes use high-frequency probes for the process. In cases, that are nary a complex scenario, HIFY, cryo-ablation and even laser probes could be used. There have been instances where a maze surgery and electric cardio-version have proved to be equally effective when it comes to treating the complex condition.

From a market perspective even if North America has a huge market share, Europe has been a pioneer in rolling out different processes and procedures that have been helpful. The Asia Pacific is a developing region and is expected to catch up since the demand is expected to be high due to a growing patient population and even medical tourism.



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