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Clinical Trials Market

Clinical Trials Market and Its Growth

Clinical trials basically refer to research and studies based on human beings to gather reports about biomedical interventions. They are regulated by authorities and are mainly done for products like vaccines, drugs and devices. The global clinical trials market size is only slated to expand as new discoveries and inventions are constantly occurring. On a broad base, clinical trials test for pharmacological effects, adverse reactions, distribution, metabolism and overall safety of products. Since these tests need to be carried out before every new product hits the market, the clinical trial industry is expected to witness tremendous growth.

Clinical Trials Market by Phase (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III)

The different phases include the different levels of tests that products are put through in the clinical trials. These are done by involving volunteers, who are healthy people.

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Phase 1
this is when human reactions to a product are studied after it has been tested on animals. Beneficial or adverse effects and the safety of the product are studied in this phase. The dosage is also looked into and distribution through the body is studied. A serious trial would involve around 100 people and a time period of around 12 months.

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Phase 2

This step involves patients who have already been diagnosed with the illness that the drug is made to cure. Optimal dose and the maximum possible beneficial effects are noted down after thorough studies. More number of patients is used for this phase than the number of subjects for phase 1.

Phase 3

Several years and thousands of patients are needed for this phase. This is the final stage after which the drug is released into the market. Tests are conducted to find out comparisons of the drug’s effects as opposed to those drugs which are already in circulation. There is often a phase 4 which encompasses post sale studies.

Clinical Trials Market by Indications

Autoimmune diseases, Cancer, Gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders, Infections and many others are part of indications that the Clinical Trials Market is based on. These are common fields of problems that many individuals face and these areas need constant research. Nervous system and vascular system diseases are also areas of research and trials.

Clinical Trials Industry Growth

Clinical trials industry analysis shows a steady growth in India, Brazil and Eastern Europe. These countries, with exploding populations and an emerging economy are in need of new options and innovations. Clinical trials market trends show a growth which shows that North America currently is the biggest consumer. Some countries like India are areas of potential growth in the coming years as it boasts of skilled practitioners and government support. In the clinical research market analysis, we see a shift from US and the West to cheaper places like off shore locations. Studies show that 50% delays in this industry are caused lack of patients that lead to a lot of losses. These need to be countered by ensuring that sales happen on a regular basis and can be ensured with more investments in clinical trial market shares and a subsequent distribution in relevant markets. Women also need to be represented more in these trials.

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The global clinical research market will definitely only grow as the need for new drugs and advanced technologies become necessary for people. People want the best care for affordable prices and the pharmaceutical industry is one that will probably never see a downfall. The supply and demand chain needs to be studied well before you can predict the clinical trial market trends. Most of these show that developing countries will soon be at par with the superpowers when it comes to markets and consumption’s.


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