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Do you often get tired even without really doing any strenuous work? Do you often complain of sickness and mental irritation? – Don’t worry, you just need enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is the reason for all the clumsiness and unhappiness that is stopping us from having a normal day. Believe it or not, sleep deprivation is going to the next biggest social and medical issue that’s going to top the global charts. The ‘Tired All The Time’ category is coined as a TATT syndrome by social observers. Sleeping for lesser than sufficient amount is the first invitation to all kinds of physical and mental illness.

Today’s society has a candle lit at both the ends. The burn is so severe that, people indulge in practices like over-time work, late night parties, night-out study marathons, that they are actually knowingly or unknowingly putting their health at huge stake. The world statistics are alarming enough with the current average hours of sleep dropping from approximately 8.5 hours to 6.5 hours. In short term, inadequate sleep can lead to ineffective judgement skills and inability to learn or retain information. But, on a long run, this can turn out to be as hazardous as cardiovascular attack and early mortality. Also, it serves a gateway to the most common health risks like obesity and diabetes.


Lack of sleep costs over a billion dollars in lost productivity. The best way to maintain health and work ethic is, of course, to get the right amount of sleep each night. Experts recommend seven to nine hours. One alternative is to take a nap during the day (20 to 30 minutes should suffice). Companies are realizing that their employees’ health is one of the most important predictors of the company’s health. This very aspect was picked up by MetroNaps, which is now changing the future of the workplace. The EnergyPod’s ergonomic design encloses a person in privacy and comfort without feeling claustrophobic. It provides pre-programmed, timed naps that use lighting, music and vibrations for optimal dozing. The EnergyPod looks like a super-fancy, space-age version of an airplane chair, ergonomically designed, reclines to keep the sleeper’s legs elevated, and is outfitted with privacy visor, to help block out sights and sounds from the outside world. This unique approach is being implemented by companies ranging from Google, Facebook to NASA, with The Jetsons-like devices popping up in workplaces around the country that are essentially sleek, shiny, capsule-looking chairs that function as a personal mobile bedroom in the middle of the office for lagging employees who’d prefer a short snooze.

Entrepreneur Nicholas Ronco, has made a million-dollar business named ‘Yelo’, by selling sleep. With a nondescript storefront in the busy street of Manhattan, he attracted a home to all those Type A people who once were said to get off with an odd 4-5 hours of sleep. The atmosphere inside is full of sereneness and seclusion from urban noises, as the people settle on a cozy YeloCab cabin engineered with sound-proof system. His idea became a grand success with his business kicking off at just nominal price of $15 for 20 minutes and $28 for 40 minutes.

Ergonomic Sleeping Pods also has a wide range of applications in Healthcare sector. The Bioquell Pod is an ‘Infection Control Enclosure’ pod which enables hospitals to convert open units, into single occupancy rooms which incorporate HEPA filtered air and specialist lighting. It helps in reducing the risk of nosocomial infection on the unit. A range of ‘sleep pods’ is being launched to provide power-nap facilities for hospital medics. The new systems are now being tailored for hospitals and other healthcare environments where doctors have to stay on the premises. Many hospitals have already made the link between sleep and performance with respect to doctors. They have created sleep rooms with sleep pods for ER physicians, surgeons and specialists. Thus, sleeping pods are changing the patient care services for good, and is soon going to venture into other industries too.

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Preethi Ramesh Narayan

A BITS-Pilani graduate, currently working as a Market Research Analyst at Market Data Forecast

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