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Industrial Absorbents Market in Asia and the Pacific is expected to register the highest growth rate during the forecast period

The high occurrences of oil and water-based spills in both water bodies and the land is the major driver to the global market for industrial absorbents. The stringent regulations in regions like Europe and North America on the chemical discharge process has increased the demand for spill control products designed for chemicals.


Industrial absorbents are a type of material that is used for the extraction of chemicals or fluids spilled on different surfaces or floors. It is composed of chemicals and soaking materials specifically for this type of spills that help in the extraction process and are more effective than a conventional absorbent. They are chemically inert, which makes them safe for use on any surface or chemical products.

Research Methodologies:


The industrial sorbents market includes a variety of players, such as raw material suppliers, processors, finished product manufacturers, and supply chain regulators. Demand for this market is characterized by the development of the oil and gas, chemical, food processing and health industries, as well as the growing demand for spill control products. Supply is characterized by the market consolidation activities undertaken by industrial sorbent manufacturers to provide spill control products. Secondary research


In the secondary research process, several secondary sources such as Hoovers, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Dun & Bradstreet were referred to identify and gather information for this study. These secondary sources included annual reports, press releases and company presentations, technical reports, certified publications, authored articles, websites containing Gold and Silver standards, food safety organizations, regulatory bodies, business directories, and databases. the data

Recent Trends

  1. In 2017, New Pig Corporation introduced the PIG Forklift Spill Kit into a bag, designed for forklifts and trailer engines to respond to spills from drilled drums, rupture pipes, tanks or containers. Discharge. This strategy has strengthened the company's product portfolio in the industrial sorbents market.


  1. In 2016, New Pig Corporation launched the mold-absorbing PIG sock, which is 100% polypropylene lined and has a filling material that is resistant to mold growth. This strategy has improved the company's product line of absorbent socks.

Market Growth:

The global market for industrial sorbents may have risen steadily over the years as a result of regulations to control spills of chemicals and petroleum, which are detrimental to the environment. Oil and gas producers mainly use industrial absorbents. Oil spills have adverse effects on the environment and human health. It helps to overcome the consequences of spills of oil and chemicals and to recover spilled material. There are three types of industrial absorbents, namely natural organic, natural, and synthetic minerals. Industrial absorbers can absorb liquids up to 70 times their weight and can also absorb the most dangerous acids or caustic liquids. Excellent water resistance and flame retardancy are believed to be the main drivers of demand in the global market for industrial sorbents.

The global market for industrial absorbents: Key trends

Increasing awareness of the health and safety problems caused by oil and chemical spills and the growing demand for industrial sorbents in the food processing, chemical, petroleum, and gas, and health care are being immersed. World market of industrial absorbents. There are two ideal industrial absorbers, namely pens and socks. These are mainly used to control oil spills in the aquatic environment. Dams are primarily suitable for oceans, lakes, and ponds because of their excellent water repellency. Socks are available as flexible hoses used on land to contain and control spills.


"The socks and socks segment is expected to be one of the main markets during the forecast period."

The pens and socks are ideal industrial absorbers for spill control. Booms and socks are widely used for the control of oil spills in the aquatic environment. The dams have excellent water repellent properties and are better adapted to aquatic environments such as the sea, lakes, and ponds, among others.

"By type, the HAZMAT / Chemical segment is expected to be one of the largest contributors to the industrial sorbents market during the forecast period."

HAZMAT / The absorbent chemicals are used to clean spills involving acids, bases, and other dangerous or unknown liquids, as these spills can have adverse effects on the environment and can be dangerous for living beings that are nearby. The chemicals / absorbent products of HAZMAT are designed to absorb the most aggressive acids or caustic fluids and are mainly composed of synthetic absorbents.

In the end-user industry, chemicals must be one of the most dynamic segments during the forecast period.

Chemical products are hazardous materials and can cause serious harm to people or the environment if they are released or accidentally released into the environment. Chemical accidents usually occur when transporting stored chemicals. Chemical manufacturers must respond immediately to accidental spills during manufacturing processes to minimize the impact of spills on the environment.

"The industrial sorbent market in Asia and the Pacific is expected to register the highest growth rate during the forecast period."

The Asia-Pacific industrial sorbents market is expected to experience the highest growth rate during the forecast period due to growing awareness and pressure to strengthen stringent environmental regulations in the fight against climate change — spills and pollution caused by end-use industries.