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Killing Cancer without Surgery – Tumor Ablation

Every year around the world, thousands of cancer patients die due in inadequate treatment for the disease. Even worse is the fact that hundreds of cancer patients die because of improper treatment or faulty mechanisms during surgery. According to WHO’s recent statistics, 13% of the deaths worldwide are due to Cancer. So, what can we do about this? Is there no end to the number of lives Cancer is taking every year? Yes, there it and it lies in the silent killing of Cancer tumors through Tumor Ablation.

Tumor Ablation is minimally invasive procedure wherein the tumors are destroyed without surgically removing them. This method of treatment is used when the tumor size is small or when surgery is not an open option for the patient, often due to poor health condition or extreme damage to the affected part. Tumor ablation is also used when the patient is waiting for a transplant of the affected part, to remove the small tumors in the area.

Today, Tumor Ablation is used as treatment for patients suffering from Breast, Liver and Lung Cancer. This treatment is used when the tumor size is less than 3 cm in diameter. For slightly larger tumors ranging from 3cm to 5 cm, Ablation is often combined with embolization. Ablation is done by inserting a needle or probe into the tumor through the skin. The needle or probe is guided into place with ultrasound or CT scanning. People getting this type of treatment usually do not require a hospital stay. Because ablation often destroys some of the normal tissue around the tumor, it might not be a good choice for treating tumors near major blood vessels, the diaphragm, or major bile ducts.

Tumor Ablation

Due to the growing population and pollution, the prevalence of cancer is increasing at a rapid rate. To combat this deadly disease, major healthcare players in the market like Medtronic Plc., Boston Scientific Corporation, Angiodynamics, Mermaid Medical, HealthTronics, Galil Medical Inc., EDAP TMS S.A., SonaCare Medical, Misonix, Inc. and Neuwave Medical, Inc. are striving to find new ways and improving the existing methods of Ablation. Currently Ablation is done using wide range of technologies such as Radiofrequency ablation (RFA), Ethanol (alcohol) ablation, Microwave Ablation Devices, Cryoablation Devices and other Ablation Devices. Thought Radiofrequency Ablation is the most commonly used method, others are gaining popularity now due to the advancement in the technology.

The various types of treatment methods are Surgical Ablation, Laparoscopic Ablation and Percutaneous Ablation where Surgical Procedures segment has the most prominent share. The Global Tumor Ablation Market was worth USD 375 million in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 12.7%, to reach USD 81.79 million by 2021. To know more about the Tumor Ablation Market, get the Market Research Report by Market Data Forecast today. Get your copy of Free Report Sample here. To get all the latest updates about the Healthcare Market, follow our blog and subscribe to our Newsletter.

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