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next generation sequencing market report

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Market Is Poised To Be Tripled In The Next 5 Years To Surpass The Billion Dollar Potential.

Next generation sequencing genomics technology that helps scientists to sequence and assemble billions of DNA reads. The advent of next generation sequencing technology has brought about considerable changes in the sequencing process as it offers speed, flexibility and reduced sequencing cost.  This technology is growing at a rapid pace due to its use in the clinical sector as it allows scanning of whole genomes or targeted genomes in less span of time.  To top it, reduction in the cost of sequencing is also one of the reasons why next generation sequencing is used in clinical applications.  This technology is used in various clinical applications like cancer, inherited genetic disorders, HLA typing and identification of infectious diseases.

The next generation sequencing market has very less players currently, it is due to the involvement of complicated technologies, lower or less awareness about this sector and the target audience for the system is very less.  In house application of next generation sequencing system may go over board and cost millions of dollars for installation and maintenance.  This is why many use it as service, due to which it comes under service industry.  Outsourcing of next generation sequencing is one of the major sources of revenue and it will remain so in coming years.

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Next generation market size is sure to grow, it may take time as not many people are aware of it.  Developed nations are already using this technology and are benefited from it.  But, developing nations are still to understand the importance of NGS system and yet to imbibe it in the medical industry.   This technology is used in the sector of personalized medicine and sequencing genomes of individuals.  Additionally, increase initiatives from the government to popularize NGS will help the next generation sequencing market to grow in countries where it is not well-known or recognized.

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Today, next generation sequencing has made it possible to process and decode the entire human genome.  One could not think of this in the olden days.  This system has helped the medical industry enormously and continues to do so.  The methods used by this system are reliable and 100% accurate.  One cannot go wrong or question the results that the system displays after proper testing.   One is able to get proper cure for different ailments and also one’s identity is known because of DNA testing, which has become possible because of NGS.

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NGS market growth is definitely in the books, it will take time in nations where its advantages are not known, where the government is not funding these facilities.  In well-established nations the NGS market growth is immense and it is being used to its full potential by research centers in US and UK markets.    Next generation sequencing market value is gradually increasing and will hit its full potential in few years in the developing countries and states.

Asia pacific regions are slowly recognizing the importance of next generation sequencing and are making efforts to get it in the market.  More and more people are being made aware of this system, so that people would recognize it and would be willing to use it when required.

Few of the key players in next generation sequencing are Agilent Technologies, Life Sciences Corporation, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Perkin Elmer, Inc, Genomatix Software Gmbh, and many other companies are in this market.  It is due to these companies that NGS system is prevailing in the market and is making way into the developing nations.

Use this system to be one step ahead in the medical industry, find the right cure for chronic ailments, help solve different criminal cases and many more benefits will fall through once the system is used appropriately.

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