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Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market segmentation by Type (dry ESP, wet ESP) by End User (power and electricity, metal, cement, chemicals, others) By Offering (hardware and software, services), and Regional Analysis (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa) and – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2022 – 2027)

Published: January, 2022
ID: 11759
Pages: 175

Electrostatic Precipitator Market Size, Growth (2022 – 2027)

Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) are a filtration gadgets used to eliminate fine particles from a fumes gas by electrostatic power. ESPs have high assortment proficiency and can handle enormous volumes of gas at high temperatures. This makes them vital for heavy industries such as steel and cement, and especially thermal power plants. Combustion processes in coal-fired power plants benefit from better performance through the use of ESP. They also act as conditioning systems for the fly ash and combustion gases produced during the process.

The electrostatic precipitator utilizes electrostatic power to catch dust particles that emerge from an approaching gas. An electrostatic precipitation framework by and large comprises of the accompanying: a force source, like a transformer and rectifier, an ionization source, a residue evacuation system, and an outside walled in area to gather and release the residue. The disposal of the destructive substance that emerge from the ignition gases is important to keep away from the fermentation of the water and the dirt, to keep a sufficient degree of ozone at ground level and to contain the danger of different respiratory or cardiovascular illnesses, disease and fruitfulness issues.

Recent Developments in Electrostatic Precipitator Industry:

  • Clean Gas Systems, Inc. (CGS) and Thermal Systems Group (TSG) of Southern Erectors, Inc. have formed a long-term joint venture to provide turnkey solutions for industrial air pollution control. Under this agreement, the companies will collaborate in the areas of sales, marketing, design, manufacturing, assembly and project management by providing turnkey systems from start to finish.
  • Big budget ESP projects are not required for all applications. When effective control of dust emissions on a smaller scale is required, our CompactClean ESP solutions offer the highest standards of dust collection efficiency with the lowest total cost of ownership. Flexible layout. Quick setup. Strict emission limits.

Drivers and Restraints of Electrostatic Precipitator Market:


Improved air pollution control regulations will boost the electrostatic precipitators market. In addition, the growth of coal-fired power plants and the growth of the cement industry are seen as key opportunities for the electrostatic precipitators market.

In addition, Asia-Pacific, in partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), is focusing on key factors, for example, improving air quality, reducing air pollution, water pollution, improving protection environment and strengthen environmental cooperation. In addition, the boom in industrial development and the increasing growth of the cement industry create opportunities that will help increase the demand for electrostatic precipitators market during the forecast period. The global electrostatic precipitators market is expected to grow at an average growth rate over the forecast period mainly due to increasing environmental issues. All of these factors are likely to increase the demand for the electrostatic precipitator.


The high cost of disposal and the increasing demand for alternative energy sources are just some of the factors that can hamper the growth of the electrostatic precipitators market. The increasing adoption of new industrial facilities and the consequent redevelopment of current power plants confirms that they will be very attractive opportunities for the electrostatic precipitators market in the coming years.




Market Size Available

2021 – 2027

Base Year


Forecast Period

2022 - 2027



Segments Covered

By Type, End User, Offering, and Region.

Various Analyses Covered

Global, Regional & Country Level Analysis, Segment-Level Analysis, DROC, PESTLE Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Analyst Overview on Investment Opportunities

Regions Covered

North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, Middle East & Africa

Market Leaders Profiled

FLSmidth, Siemens, Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc., John Wood Group PLC, SEI-Group Inc., KC Cottrell India, Balcke-Dürr GmbH, ELEX AG, S.A. HAMON, Beltran Technologies, Inc., Mitsubishi Hitachi Power, Ltd., Fujian Longking Co., Ltd., GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft, Thermax Limited, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., BHEL, General Electric, AirPol, Zauba Technologies & Data Services Private Limited and ECP Group Oy and Others.


Electrostatic Precipitator Market Segmentation Analysis:

By Type:

  • Dry ESP
  • Wet ESP

The dry electrostatic precipitators market will experience significant growth due to high separation efficiency and low operating cost. These systems can collect dust at temperatures ranging from room temperature to several 1000 C. In addition, the high applicability for the collection of dry polluting particles, as well as the operational efficiency in a wide range of exhaust gas temperatures, make the product is suitable for various industries.

By End User:

  • Power & Electricity
  • Metal
  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Others

The power and electricity industry accounts for the majority of the electrostatic precipitators market. Electrostatic precipitators are used by power and energy generation companies around the world due to the advantages they offer in terms of better performance, higher particle collection efficiency, and the ability to efficiently process large quantities of fly ash. The implementation of these systems in thermal power plants and oil refineries has failed due to the application of strict environmental laws and strict emission standards, giving the energy and electricity industry the first place in terms of market size.

By Offering:

  • Hardware & Software
  • Services

The hardware and software supply market accounts for the majority of the electrostatic precipitators market. The great need for hardware and software parts in various types of electrostatic precipitators has contributed to the leadership position of the hardware and software segment, in terms of market size. Hardware components such as discharge electrodes, high voltage electrical systems, collection electrodes, hoppers, rappers, and housing, are the building blocks of electrostatic precipitators and are essential for their proper operation.

Geographical Segmentation Analysis:

  • North America - the United States and Canada
  • Europe - United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France
  • The Asia Pacific - India, Japan, China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia
  • Latin America  - Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Rest of LATAM
  • The Middle East and Africa - Africa and Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus)

Electrostatic Precipitator Market Region Analysis:

The US electrostatic precipitators market will develop consistently by over 4% through 2024. Progressing development activities and developing mindfulness among industry players for the selection of outflow control advancements will drive the measurements of the business. What's more, heavy interests in different framework undertakings will drive the establishment and modernization of these frameworks.

Europe was the second largest region, in terms of revenue, due to the increasing demand for pollution control equipment from several important end-use applications. The European market share is expected to exceed $ 1.6 billion by 2024. Increased mining activities due to growing demand for precious metals and increased attention to sustainability will complete the business landscape. The acceleration of exports in the metal processing sector due to increased demand from the automotive industry will further boost product penetration.

Asia-Pacific is expected to lead the electrostatic precipitators market during the forecast period due to China's increased economic performance; Large investments in research and development with growing industrial support are expected to drive this growth.


Since the COVID-19 virus outbreak in December 2019, the disease has spread to almost every country in the world, and the World Health Organization declared it a public health emergency. The global impacts of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) are already beginning to be felt and will significantly affect the electrostatic precipitators market in 2021. The COVID-19 outbreak has affected many aspects, such as flight cancellations; travel bans and quarantines; closed restaurants; all indoor / outdoor events are limited; more than 40 countries have declared a state of emergency; massive drop in the supply chain; volatility of the securities markets; declining business confidence, growing public panic, and uncertainty about the future.

Key Players in the Market:

Major Key Players in the Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market are

  • FLSmidth
  • Siemens
  • Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc
  • John Wood Group PLC
  • SEI-Group Inc
  • KC Cottrell India
  • Balcke-Dürr GmbH
  • ELEX AG, S.A
  • Beltran Technologies, Inc
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power, Ltd
  • Fujian Longking Co., Ltd
  • GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft
  • Thermax Limited
  • Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd
  • BHEL
  • General Electric
  • AirPol
  • Zauba Technologies & Data Services Private Limited
  • ECP Group Oy

1. Introduction                            

          1.1 Market Definition                  

          1.2 Scope of the report               

          1.3 Study Assumptions               

          1.4 Base Currency, Base Year and Forecast Periods              

2. Research Methodology                      

          2.1 Analysis Design          

          2.2 Research Phases                   

                    2.2.1 Secondary Research 

                    2.2.2 Primary Research     

                    2.2.3 Data Modelling        

                    2.2.4 Expert Validation     

          2.3 Study Timeline            

3. Report Overview                     

          3.1 Executive Summary               

          3.2 Key Inferencees          

4. Market Dynamics                    

          4.1 Impact Analysis           

                    4.1.1 Drivers

                    4.1.2 Restaints       

                    4.1.3 Opportunities 

          4.2 Regulatory Environment                  

          4.3 Technology Timeline & Recent Trends                  

5. Competitor Benchmarking Analysis                        

          5.1 Key Player Benchmarking                 

                    5.1.1 Market share analysis         

                    5.1.2 Products/Service      

                    5.1.3 Regional Presence    

          5.2 Mergers & Acquistion Landscape               

          5.3 Joint Ventures & Collaborations                 

6. Market Segmentation                        

          6.1 Electrostatic Precipitator Market, By Type             

                    6.1.1 Dry ESP         

                    6.1.2 Wet ESP         

                    6.1.3 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2022 - 2027)        

                    6.1.4 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis         

                    6.1.5 Market Attractiveness Index         

          6.2 Electrostatic Precipitator Market, By End-User                

                    6.2.1 Power & Electricity   

                    6.2.2 Metal  

                    6.2.3 Cement         

                    6.2.4 Chemicals     

                    6.2.5 Others

                    6.2.6 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2022 - 2027)        

                    6.2.7 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis         

                    6.2.8 Market Attractiveness Index         

          6.3 Electrostatic Precipitator Market, By Offering                  

                    6.3.1 Hardware & Software         

                    6.3.2 Services        

                    6.3.3 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2022 - 2027)        

                    6.3.4 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis         

                    6.3.5 Market Attractiveness Index         

7. Geographical Landscape                    

          7.1 Global Identity Governance and Administration Market, by Region                   

          7.2 North America - Market Analysis (2022 - 2027)             

                    7.2.1 By Country     



                    7.2.2 By Type         

                    7.2.3 By End-User   

                    7.2.4 By Offering    

          7.3 Europe             

                    7.3.1 By Country     






                     Rest of Europe

                    7.3.2 By Type         

                    7.3.3 By End-User   

                    7.3.4 By Offering    

          7.4 Asia Pacific                 

                    7.4.1 By Country     




                     South Korea

                     South East Asia

                     Australia & NZ

                     Rest of Asia-Pacific

                    7.4.2 By Type         

                    7.4.3 By End-User   

                    7.4.4 By Offering    

          7.5 Latin America             

                    7.5.1 By Country     




                     Rest of Latin America

                    7.5.2 By Type         

                    7.5.3 By End-User   

                    7.5.4 By Offering    

          7.6 Middle East and Africa          

                    7.6.1 By Country     

                     Middle East


                    7.6.2 By Type         

                    7.6.3 By End-User   

                    7.6.4 By Offering    

8. Key Player Analysis                           

          8.1 FLSmidth          

                    8.1.1 Business Description

                    8.1.2 Products/Service      

                    8.1.3 Financials      

                    8.1.4 SWOT Analysis         

                    8.1.5 Recent Developments         

                    8.1.6 Analyst Overview      

          8.2 Siemens           

          8.3 Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc.             

          8.4 John Wood Group PLC           

          8.5 SEI-Group Inc.            

          8.6 KC Cottrell India                   

          8.7 Balcke-Dürr GmbH               

          8.8 ELEX AG           

          8.9 S.A. HAMON               

          8.10 Beltran Technologies, Inc.             

9. Market Outlook & Investment Opportunities                     


          List of Tables          

          List of Figures                  

  1. Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  2. Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market By Type, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  3. Global Dry ESP  Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  4. Global Wet ESP  Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  5. Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market By End-User, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  6. Global Power & Electricity  Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  7. Global Metal  Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  8. Global Cement  Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  9. Global Chemicals  Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  10. Global Others  Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  11. Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market By Offering, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  12. Global Hardware & Software  Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )
  13. Global Services  Market By Region, From 2022 - 2027 ( USD Billion )

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What can be the compound annual growth rate of the global Electrostatic Precipitator market?

The Global Electrostatic Precipitator market can expand with a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period.

Mention the major Key Players in the Global Electrostatic Precipitator Market?

FLSmidth, Siemens, Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc., John Wood Group PLC, SEI-Group Inc., KC Cottrell India, Balcke-Dürr GmbH, ELEX AG, S.A. HAMON, Beltran Technologies, Inc., Mitsubishi Hitachi Power, Ltd., Fujian Longking Co., Ltd and Others.




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