Europe Fermented Ingredients Market is segmented By Type (Amino Acids, Organic Acids, Biogas, Polymers, Vitamins, Industrial Enzymes), By Application (Food & Beverages, Feed, Pharmaceuticals, Paper), By Form (Dry, And Liquid), By Process (Batch Fermentation, Continuous Fermentation, Aerobic And Anaerobic Fermentation) - and By Country (UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey, Czech Republic and Rest of Europe) – Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Forecast (2024 to 2029)

Updated On: January, 2024
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Europe Fermented Ingredients Market Growth and Forecast (2023 - 2028):

The Europe Fermented Ingredients Market was valued at US$ XX billion in 2022 and is predicted to grow at US$ XX billion by 2028 with an increasing CAGR of XX% during 2023 - 2028.

Europe Fermented Ingredients Market Scenario:

Fermented ingredients modify the form of the dish or add taste. They're used to keep food fresher for longer. These substances have the potential to alter the product's quality and acceptability. As a result, food quality improves, it becomes more digestible, has a higher nutritional value, and tastes better. In industries include food & beverage and pharmaceuticals, fermentation components are used. Other elements, including water, salt, and sweeteners, are utilized to ferment food ingredients. During the fermenting process, distilled water is preferred. For fermentation, brine, a mixture of salt and water, is commonly utilized. Fermentation is a biological process that relies on cellular enzymes and sterility instead of inanimate catalysts to catalyze chemical reactions in commonly used chemicals. Fermentation is a natural metabolic process in which yeast, bacteria, and fungi work together to fertilize food and make the goods you need. Bacteria use this method to turn carbohydrates into acids or alcohols. For example, yeast ferments sugar to produce alcohol as a source of energy. Fermentation is used to make beer, yogurt, wine, and a variety of other foods. The fermentation of food necessitates the use of fermentation components.

Recent Developments in Europe Fermented Ingredients Industry:

  • DuPont had launched MicroGARD fermentates, which are prepared from food ingredients include milk, wheat flour, sugar. These further helps in controlling microbial growth.

Europe Fermented Ingredients Market Drivers and Restraints:

In recent years, the Europe fermented ingredient market has benefited from increased consumer awareness of the benefits of fermented ingredients and the growth of fermented foods and beverages. The key drivers driving the market's expansion are digestive issues, rising obesity rates, and growing consumer health awareness. Because the Fermented Ingredients are acidic, they can help with digestion issues. In addition, many firms utilize these chemicals to enhance the shelf life of their products since they are used in food preservation. This has a favorable impact on the market's growth. One of the key drivers of the industry's growth is the increase in alcohol consumption in Europe. Among all alcohols, Beer is the most common alcoholic beverage. It is manufactured by fermenting various crops like rice and wheat; therefore, increased beer consumption would help the market grow.

Furthermore, product demand is expanding as a result of increased environmental consciousness, environmentally friendly production processes, and different health benefits. As a result, during 2023 - 2028, the biopharmaceutical industry is expected to lead the market in terms of growth. Due to its high efficiency, the biopharmaceutical business is booming, and it's often regarded as the most sophisticated and exquisite performance invention in modern science.

The rise in the fat population, the rise in overweight persons, and the rise in digestive illnesses are the primary reasons driving the Europe Fermented Ingredients market. Another reason driving expansion in target markets and boosting users' knowledge of Fermented Ingredients for the quality and consumption of healthy meals is the growing demand for fermentation derivatives, particularly in numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the rising demand for food preservation and the population's increasing dietary need for antibiotics, as well as changes in eating habits, are expected to propel the Europe Fermented Ingredients market forward.

Europe Fermented Ingredients Market Segmentation Analysis:

By Type:

  • Amino Acids         
  • Organic Acids       
  • Biogas     
  • Polymers
  • Vitamins 
  • Industrial Enzymes

Amino acids are expected to be the fastest-growing sector over the forecast period in the Europe Fermented ingredients market. The expanding use of fermented amino acids in the dairy and beverage sectors has stemmed from a growing desire among the food and beverage industries to improve food items' texture, quality, and flavor. Furthermore, increased R&D has resulted in advances in biotechnology and microbiology research efforts, resulting in enhanced fermented components. Moreover, the demand for amino acids has increased due to the growing popularity of high-protein diets among health-conscious people.

By Application:

  • Food & Beverages              
  • Feed
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Paper     

Based on application, food & beverage sector is predicted to hold the largest fermented ingredient market share in the next six years. Fermented substances can be found in a variety of foods and beverages, including beer, bread, yogurts, and cheese. Fermented amino acids are commonly utilized in cuisine, and different amino acids give diverse flavors to the food products in which they are employed. The global fermented ingredients market for food and drinks is likely to be driven by the increased use of fermented ingredients in bread and dairy products. In addition, food and beverages have become a key business for fermented substances due to the advancements in microbiology and biotechnology.

On the other hand, pharmaceuticals segment is anticipated to have the highest CAGR in the Europe fermented ingredients market. The pharmaceutical sector is concentrating on developing new specialty ingredient concepts and products, particularly fermented compounds. Fermented substances in the pharmaceutical sector include amino acids, vitamins, and related compounds, and industrial enzymes.

By Form:

  • Dry Form
  • Liquid Form

Based on form, liquid from is predicted to propel the Europe fermented ingredients market forward due to the increasing consumption of alcohol products, mainly includes wine and beer.

By Process:

  • Batch Fermentation          
  • Continuous Fermentation
  • Aerobic Fermentation      
  • Anaerobic Fermentation 

Based on process, batch fermentation is anticipated to hold the largest fermented ingredients market share in the next six years. Batch fermentation is a 'closed system,' in which the substrate and producing microbe are introduced at time zero and remain in the system until the fermentation is complete. This is the simplest and most widely used fermentation method for the synthesis of bacteriocins.

Regional Analysis:

The Europe Fermented Ingredients Market Report includes the segmentation of countries:

  • U.K
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • France
  • Italy

Germany dominates the Europe fermented ingredients market. In Germany, fortification of vegetable and fruit juices for functional advantages aims to reduce carbohydrate levels while enhancing useful enzymes, probiotic strains, and friendly bacteria that aid in the breakdown of food into a digestible form. This directly impacts the growth of fermented beverages and, as a result, the use of fermented components in the country. Because of the country's strong economic conditions, customers can buy high-priced, healthful products beneficial to their health. The demand for probiotic functional beverages is predicted to rise as consumers become more aware of the benefits of probiotics.

Impact of COVID-19 on Europe Fermented Ingredients Market:

The COVID-19 has significantly affected the Europe fermented ingredients market. Because of the coronavirus and the lockdowns it caused, an unexpected surge in demand for fermented health goods like kombucha and kimchi has appeared. A sudden rise in demand for fermented health items like kombucha and kimchi seems to be one of the epidemic's behavioral adverse effects.

Key Players listed in the Europe Fermented Ingredients Market:

The companies covered in the report:

  • Lallemand Inc                          
  • E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company                      
  • Angel Yeast Co. Ltd.                               
  • Ajinomoto Corporation Inc.               
  • Koninklijke DSM N.V.                           
  • Chr. Hansen A/S                     
  • Dohler Group                          
  • Lonza

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