Europe Milk Permeate Powder Market By Application (Baked Goods, Seasoning Mixes, Confectionery Food, Dairy Food, Soups And Sauces, Beverages, Meats And Others)- and By Country (UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey, Czech Republic and Rest of Europe) – Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Forecast (2024 to 2029)

Updated On: January, 2024
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Europe Milk Permeate Powder Market Growth and Forecast (2023 - 2028):

The Europe Milk Permeate Powder Market was valued at US$ XX billion in 2023 and is predicted to grow at US$ XX billion by 2028 with an increasing CAGR of XX% during 2023-2028.

Europe Milk Permeate Powder Market Scenario:

Permeate is a dairy product made from milk or whey after protein and other components have been removed using separation technology. Permeate, also known as dairy solids, is primarily composed of milk lactose, which is deficient in minerals and vitamin components. After the production of milk derivatives such as unfiltered milk, protein isolate, and protein concentrate, milk permeate is removed as a by product. Milk and whey permeate have the same composition but different sensory qualities. Due to the fact that powdered milk permeate is made from milk, it has a constant flavor and is cleaner than whey permeate. Milk permeate is a powdered or skim milk substitute that is utilized in a variety of applications. It's also used to ensure that milk is consistent. To maintain the quality and safety of food, government regulations require milk and milk products to follow particular nutritional guidelines. Furthermore, milk composition is entirely dependent on seasonal and regional factors. Dairy firms utilise milk permeable powder to regulate the quantities of milk protein and fat in order to meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

Recent Development in Europe Milk Permeate Powder Industry:

  • Arla Foods Ingredients has introduced the world's first organic micellar casein isolate, which will assist producers in meeting the growing demand for organic, natural, and functional protein products.
  • Micellar casein isolate is a novel milk protein source that is high in native proteins. It is derived from milk without the use of acids by gentle processing. The protein's chemical structure is preserved, allowing for the generation of products that are as natural as possible.

Europe Milk Permeate Powder Market Drivers and Restraints:

A primary driver of permeate powder's European market expansion is the use of milk permeate powder as a cost-effective alternative to improve the taste and functional properties of food. Powdered milk permeate adds umami taste, reduces the need for other flavor enhancers, and removes the need for other flavor enhancers. As customer interest in consumer health grows and the tendency toward consumers purchasing nutrient-dense foods grows, the European market for milk permeation is predicted to develop. The use of milk permeate to reduce the total cost of production of milk powder is a major driver driving the Europe milk powder permeate market.

Bulking agent powdered milk permeate is used to make the product more appealing and substantial. Protein-rich components are becoming more widely available in regions that promote the growth of the milk-permeable powder sector. With rising protein consumption around the world, the market for milk powder permeates is rapidly expanding. Milk permeate is a dairy product that removes protein and other undesirable elements from milk and whey using various separation procedures. After a series of ultrafiltration operations, milk permeate is obtained. Milk permeate is obtained during the manufacturing of milk protein concentrate. In the food and beverage business, milk permeate is critical for increasing protein levels.

It's also utilized as a food preservative. Milk permeate reduces the overall cost of manufacturing necessary to make consumable food and nutrition products, which benefits manufacturers in the food and beverage industry. Powdered milk can also be used to replace powdered milk and skim milk. As the population in the European region becomes more health-conscious, the milk permeation industry is growing. On the European market, manufacturers of milk permeable powder have a lot of opportunities. Consumers are willing to spend big sums of money for better quality and flavor, therefore rising per capita income provides great potential for manufacturers. Furthermore, the global food and beverage industry's rapid growth has presented producers with numerous prospects in the market for milk permeable materials.

The main constraints to the expansion of milk powder permeate are that they contain lactose and are low in lactose, limiting their use in food and causing digestive issues for lactose sensitive persons, as well as being less soluble in liquids. Powdered milk and skim milk are also acceptable substitutes for milk permeate. The market for milk powder permeate is projected to be hampered by a lack of consumer awareness about the benefits of milk permeate in emerging countries.

Europe Milk Permeate Powder Market Segmentation Analysis:

By Application:

  • Baked Goods       
  • Seasoning Mixes
  • Confectionery food           
  • Dairy food             
  • Soups and Sauces
  • Beverages             
  • Meats     
  • Others    

Based on application, baked goods segment is anticipated to dominate the Europe milk permeate powder market during 2022-2027. Milk Permeate Powder is a natural food component with outstanding functional and nutritional properties that can be used to standardize Skim Milk Powder (SMP). On the other hand, beverages segment is predicted to propel the Europe milk permeate powder market in the next six years. Milk permeates have a critical role in enhancing the protein content of foods and beverages. It's also utilized in culinary goods as a bulking agent. The application of milk permeate to the food and beverage sector benefits manufacturers since it lowers the overall cost of manufacturing necessary to produce consumable nutritious and dietary products. Milk permeates can even be used to replace milk powder and skim milk.

Regional Analysis:

The Europe Milk Permeate Powder Market Report includes the segmentation of countries:

  • U.K
  • Germany
  • France
  • Russia
  • Spain

Due to its large share of the global dairy ingredients market, Europe is predicted to have a high CAGR throughout the forecast period. During the forecast period, Europe is predicted to grow at a rapid pace. The region's expanding population has boosted the need for dairy products. Europe is expected to have the high proportion of the import market for dairy raw materials, and the market for milk permeable powder is predicted to grow faster in this area. The consumption of processed and packaged goods is expanding as a result of the growing income of the people and the increasing penetration of the Internet and social networks, making it suited for product packaging in the region.

The consumption of processed and packaged goods is expanding as a result of the growing income of the people and the increasing penetration of the Internet and social networks, making it suited for product packaging in the region. Furthermore, due to changes in consumer activities and lifestyles in European regions, the market for milk permeate powder continues to rise significantly, and as a result, individuals in the region have been encouraged to begin with food packaged. In addition, as the need for infant formula grew, so did the demand for permeable milk powder in the region.

Impact of COVID-19 on Europe Milk Permeate Powder Market:

COVID-19 is causing a shift in consumption and upsetting dairy value networks. The Containment measures, lost wages, and perceptions of disease risk are all having an impact on food supply and consumer preferences around the world as a result of the COVID-19 problem. More than half of those polled in the home survey claimed they avoid animal-sourced foods (meat, milk, yoghurt, and cheese) because of the risk of COVID-19, which further affects the market growth.

Key Players listed in the Europe Milk Permeate Powder Market:

The companies covered in the report:

  • Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S                  
  • Idaho Milk Products              
  • Interfood Holding b.v.                         
  • Van Lee Melkprodukten Barneveld BV                          
  • Hoogwegt                 
  • Batory Foods                           
  • LACTALIS Ingredients


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