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Pulished Date February, 2020
ID: 2873
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Europe Swine (Pig) Feed Market By Type (Starter, Grower, Sow And Others), Additive (Antibiotics, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Feed Enzymes, Feed Acidifiers And Others) And By Region - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, And Forecasts 2021-2026.

Pulished: February, 2020
ID: 2873
Pages: 135

Europe Swine (Pig) Feed Market Size, Growth, Trends and Forecast:

The Europe Swine (Pig) Feed Market was worth USD 1.58 billion in 2021 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 5.13 %, to reach USD 2.03 billion by 2026. Pork is the culinary name for the meat of the domestic pig. It is the most common types of meat consumed over the globe. Feed additives play an important role in improving the nutrition to the swine and they mainly enhance the feed and food quality. Swine feed provides nutrition to swine in the course of rearing them. Feed extracts are an important source of nutrition given that they make the feed more digestible.

The feed essences that are contained in the diet of pigs are enzymes, emulsifiers, antimicrobials, and antioxidants. Swine feed can be in numerous forms, including cereals, cakes, meals, vitamins, minerals, and fats and oils. The complement fed to swine include hay, grass, and certain types of legumes. This swine feed is rich in fibre content, vitamins, and minerals, it offers numerous nutritional advantages. The consumption of pork is increasing in new markets and thus leads to have a huge market for swine feed.

Drivers and Restraints of Europe Swine (Pig) Feed Market:

The rising volumes of pork production, combined with the escalating demand for high quality meat from pork, will contribute to the rising demand for swine feed the world over. Demand for quality meat products by consumers has significantly contributed to the rising demand for swine feed. Increasing industrial livestock production and technological innovations in the meat processing industry are creating demand for high-quality meat. High investment, unpredictable cost of feed, high cost of feed enhances are the restraints in this market.

Europe Swine (Pig) Feed Market Segmentation:

Europe Swine (Pig) Feed Market – By Type:

  • Pig Starter feed

  • Grower feed
  • Sow feed
  • Others

Europe Swine (Pig) Feed Market – By Feed Additive Types:

  • Zootechnical feed additives
  • Sensory feed additives
  • Nutritional feed additives

Europe Swine (Pig) Feed Market – By Feed Essence:

  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Antibiotics
  • Feed acidifiers
  • Feed enzymes
  • Amino acids
  • Others

Geographical Analysis:

The Europe market has been geographically segmented into Germany, U.K, France, Spain, and Italy. The market in this region is projected to grow strongly during the forecast period due to demand for pork and rise in population. The European swine feed market has a share of 26% in the global swine feed market. The European swine market is increasing at a CAGR of 5.13% in the forecast period.

Key Players:

CHR Hansen Holdings A/S (Denmark), Novus International Inc. (U.S), Lallemand Inc (Canada), BASF (Badishce Anilin und Soda Fabrik) (Germany), Royal DSM N.V. (The Netherlands), ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company) (U.S), Alltech Inc. (U.S), Charoen Popkhand Foods (Thailand), Cargill Inc. (U.S) and ABF Plc (Associated British Food) (U.K) are some of the important companies in the swine feed market.


               1.1 Market Definition                                                                 

               1.2 Study Deliverables                                                                

               1.3 Base Currency, Base Year and Forecast Periods                                                                        

               1.4 General Study Assumptions                                                               

2. Research Methodology                                                                                       

               2.1 Introduction                                                            

               2.2 Research Phases                                                                   

                              2.2.1 Secondary Research                                                         

                              2.2.2 Primary Research                                               

                              2.2.3 Econometric Modelling                                                   

                              2.2.4 Expert Validation                                                

               2.3 Analysis Design                                                                      

               2.4 Study Timeline                                                                       

3. Overview                                                                                  

               3.1 Executive Summary                                                              

               3.2 Key Inferences                                                                       

               3.3 Epidemology                                                                          

4. Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges Analysis (DROC)                                                                                     

               4.1 Market Drivers                                                                      

               4.2 Market Restraints                                                                 

               4.3 Key Challenges                                                                      

               4.4 Current Opportunities in the Market                                                              

5. Market Segmentation                                                                           

               5.1 Type                                                                          

                              5.1.1 Introduction                                                        

                              5.1.2 Starters                                                  

                              5.1.3 Growers                                                

                              5.1.4 Sow                                                        

                              5.1.5 Others                                                    

                              5.1.6  Y-o-Y Growth Analysis, By type                                                    

                              5.1.7  Market Attractiveness Analysis, By Type                                                   

                              5.1.8  Market Share Analysis, By type                                                    

               5.2 Additive        

                              5.2.1 Introduction                                                        

                              5.2.2 Antibiotics                                             

                              5.2.3 Vitamins                                                

                              5.2.4 Antioxidants                                                        

                              5.2.5 Aminoacids                                                          

                              5.2.6 Feed Enzymes                                                     

                              5.2.7 Feed Acidifiers                                                    

                              5.2.8 Others                                                    

                              5.2.9 Y-o-Y Growth Analysis, By Additive                                              

                              5.2.10 Market Attractiveness Analysis, By Additive                                                          

                              5.2.11 Market Share Analysis, By Additive                                                           

6. Geographical Analysis                                                                           

               6.1 Introduction                                                            

                              6.1.1 Regional Trends                                                  

                              6.1.2 Impact Analysis                                                   

                              6.1.3 Y-o-Y Growth Analysis                                                      

                                    By Geographical Area                                    

                                    By Type                               

                                    By Additive                                        

                              6.1.4  Market Attractiveness Analysis                                                    

                                    By Geographical Area                                    

                                    By Type                               

                                    By Additive                                        

                              6.1.5  Market Share Analysis                                                     

                                    By Geographical Area                                    

                                    By Type                               

                                    By Additive                                        

               6.2 U.K                                                             

               6.3 Spain                                                                         

               6.4 Germany                                                                  

               6.5 Italy                                                                          

               6.6 France                                                                      

7.Strategic Analysis                                                                                    

               7.1 PESTLE analysis                                                                     

                              7.1.1 Political                                                 

                              7.1.2 Economic                                              

                              7.1.3 Social                                                     

                              7.1.4 Technological                                                     

                              7.1.5 Legal                                                      

                              7.1.6 Environmental                                                    

               7.2 Porter’s Five analysis                                                           

                              7.2.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers                                                      

                              7.2.2 Bargaining Power of Consumers                                                  

                              7.2.3 Threat of New Entrants                                                   

                              7.2.4 Threat of Substitute Products and Services                                               

                              7.2.5 Competitive Rivalry within the Industry                                                     

8.Market Leaders' Analysis                                                                                      

               8.1 CHR Hansen Holdings                                                                         

                              8.1.1 Overview                                               

                              8.1.2 Product Analysis                                                 

                              8.1.3 Financial analysis                                                

                              8.1.4 Recent Developments                                                      

                              8.1.5 SWOT analysis                                                    

                              8.1.6 Analyst View                                                        

               8.2 Novus International Inc.                                                                    

               8.3 Lallemand Inc                                                                        

               8.4 BASF                                                                         

               8.5 Royal DSM N.V.                                                                     

               8.6 ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company)                                                                      

               8.7 Alltech Inc.                                                              

               8.8 Charoen Popkhand Foods                                                                  

               8.9 Cargill Inc.                                                               

               8.10 ABF                                                                         

9.Competitive Landscape                                                                                        

               9.1 Market share analysis                                                                         

               9.2 Merger and Acquisition Analysis                                                                      

               9.3 Agreements, collaborations and Joint Ventures                                                                        

               9.4 New Product Launches                                                                       

10.Market Outlook and Investment Opportunities                                                                                         


               a) List of Tables                                                             

               b) List of Figures                                                           

  • Rgional and country-level analysis and forecasts of the study market; providing Insights on the major countries/regions in which this industry is blooming and to also identify the regions that are still untapped
  • Segment-level analysis in terms of technology, component, and type along with market size forecasts and estimations to detect key areas of industry growth in detail
  • Identification of key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges (DROC) in the market and their impact on shifting market dynamics
  • Study of the effect of exogenous and endogenous factors that affect the global market; which includes broadly demographic, economics, and political, among other macro-environmental factors presented in an extensive PESTLE Analysis
  • Study the micro environment factors that determine the overall profitability of an Industry, using Porter’s five forces analysis for analysing the level of competition and business strategy development
  • A comprehensive list of key market players along with their product portfolio, current strategic interests, key financial information, legal issues, SWOT analysis and analyst overview to study and sustain the market environment
  • Competitive landscape analysis listing out the mergers, acquisitions, collaborations in the field along with new product launches, comparative financial studies and recent developments in the market by the major companies
  • An executive summary, abridging the entire report in such a way that decision-making personnel can rapidly become acquainted with background information, concise analysis and main conclusions
  • Expertly devised analyst overview along with Investment opportunities to provide both individuals and organizations a strong financial foothold in the market
  1. Europe Swine Feed Market By Type, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  2. Europe Starter Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  3. Europe Grower Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  4. Europe Sow Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  5. Europe Others Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  6. Europe Swine Feed Market By Additive, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  7. Europe Antibiotics Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  8. Europe Vitamins Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  9. Europe Antioxidants Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  10. Europe Amino acids Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  11. Europe Feed enzymes Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  12. Europe Feed acidifiers Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  13. Europe Others Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  14. U.K. Swine Feed Market By Type, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  15. U.K. Swine Feed Market By Additive, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  16. Germany Swine Feed Market By Type, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  17. Germany Swine Feed Market By Additive, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  18. France Swine Feed Market By Type, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  19. France Swine Feed Market By Additive, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  20. Italy Swine Feed Market By Type, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  21. Italy Swine Feed Market By Additive, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  22. Spain Swine Feed Market By Type, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  23. Spain Swine Feed Market By Additive, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )

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