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Top 5 Tools for Marketing Automation Software

Some of the key players operating in the marketing automation software market are Oracle Corporation, IBM Corporation, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Salesforce.com Inc., HubSpot Inc, Teradata Corporation, Act-On Software Inc., SharpSpring, Inc., SAS Institute Inc. (SAS), Infusionsoft Inc., and ActiveCampaign Inc.

Marketing Automation Software


Marketing automation software helps in the automation of marketing tasks, for the most part, spend management, campaign management, collaboration management, workflow management, email advertising, lead nurturing and lead scoring, inbound marketing, marketing asset management, and social media marketing. It helps ventures in settling on educated choices and executes new systems for resources, marketing activities, assets, spends, and resources. Marketing automation manages the product that not just enables advertisers to grasp sales analytics and lead generation, yet in addition, gives significant bits of knowledge about client inclinations and patterns. Besides, it empowers marketers to direct web-based marketing campaigns and assess their achievement results, which encourages them to designate assets for the best campaigns.

Marketing automation software decreases the number of monotonous errands related to the regular marketing forms and improves their general productivity. The product associates distinctive promoting channels, for example, email, social media, and content marketing to gather and investigate information. It helps associations to create more income and a superior ROI. It likewise helps store explicit client information utilized in client division and focusing on, order clients dependent on normal premiums and practices, create suitable marketing examples, and incorporates promoting channels to convey better client experience. Associations use marketing automation software to comprehend the purchasing criteria of customers and market the items as needs are. Marketing automation discovers its application in pretty much every client related vertical, particularly in the individuals who are confronting the tremendous challenge, for example, retail industry and design and advertising.

Factors Driving Marketing Automation Software Market:

The global marketing automation software market is principally determined by the accompanying components:

  1. Expanding interest in digital marketing
  2. Rising interest to coordinate marketing endeavors
  3. Expanding significance to the client experience
  4. The developing requirement for lead sustaining
  5. The requirement for higher ROI

One of the significant drivers advancing the development of the marketing automation software market is the rising interest to coordinate marketing endeavors. The organizations are attempting endeavors to incorporate marketing endeavors to streamline the arrival on marketing. This is satisfied by marketing automation software. This product encourages organizations to give a total image of the client, nurture campaign, sales, and marketing alignment, bringing both online and offline together, and real-time and location-based automation.

To advance and automate leads, an organization must use the tools for marketing automation. Programming utilized for marketing automation tends to the administration and automation of the organization's client supporting, contact database, email promoting, and different work processes.

Tools For Marketing Automation Software:

HubSpot Marketing Automation:

HubSpot's marketing automation usefulness is one of the most amazing tools in this rundown as far as features. It is additionally one of the most famous as far as customer satisfaction. HubSpot has a full development suite that incorporates marketing software, sales software, and support programming, which all coordinate consequently with HubSpot's free CRM. The consolidated impact of having the majority of information and development movement in one spot can release huge amounts of creative automation conceivable outcomes that would be troublesome or difficult in the event of utilizing separate tools.

As an independent, HubSpot's marketing automation functionality incorporates a simple to-utilize visual board where you can make basic or exceedingly complex contingent workflows.


Ontraport is a business marketing automation software for business people, private ventures, and solopreneurs. While they have a marketing automation functionality and CRM, they likewise have a few different features to run and grow an independent venture, including yet not restricted to:

  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Reporting

One of the most significant things Ontraport offers is its attention on detailing and experiences. While a few tools can be somewhat of a discovery, Ontraport gives an unmistakable take a gander at the performance of the campaign.


SendInBlue began as an advanced organization; however, a significant email marketing tool is built, which, with time, changed into well-loved marketing automation software. Some of the features are lead scoring and reporting. Also, SendinBlue offers a noteworthy free plan, which incorporates essential marketing automation functionality, up to 300 messages for every day, and phone support. SendInBlue also offers SMS campaigning.


Autopilot is one of the most outwardly engaging marketing automation software in the market. They make messaging, email marketing, and automation, and they show themselves as the most effortless marketing automation platform to utilize. As referenced over, their visual supervisor is perfect, straightforward, and honestly enjoyable to utilize.

Their stage is commonly utilized for progressively modern informing and focusing on. However, a basic autoresponder can be made dependent on a periodic sequence.


Marketo has been around for some time and is obtained by Adobe and consolidated into its enterprise marketing cloud. The Adobe combination implies that, on the off chance that you use Adobe Analytics for information estimation and Adobe Target for experimentation and personalization, you'll have enterprise marketing automation and optimization suite.


WRITTEN BY: Ravali Reddy

Ravali Reddy is a Content Writer in Market Data Forecast, one of the world’s leading research and consulting for various business domains, individuals and corporate clients