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Pulished Date January, 2021
ID: 10933
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Catalyst Fertilizer Market Segmentation By Production Process (Contact Process, Haber-Bosch Process, and Others), By Metal Group (Precious Metal and Base Metal), By Application (Phosphatic, Nitrogenous, and Others) and By Region: Forecast Period 2021-2026.

Pulished: January, 2021
ID: 10933
Pages: 175

Catalyst Fertilizers Market Size & Growth (2021-2026):

The Catalyst Fertilizers Market was worth USD xx million in 2021, and it is predicted that it will reach a valuation of USD xx million, developing with an annual expansion rate (CAGR) of 3.21% between 2021 and 2026.

Fertilizer is defined as any material, natural or artificial, that is applied to soil or plant tissue to provide one or more plant nutrients that are important for plant growth. Catalysts are essential materials for industrial production. It is highly preferred in chemical processes, which help speed up the chemical process without changing the final product. Catalyst Fertilizers increase production and improve process efficiency at lower cost. Therefore, the focus is on expanding highly active catalysts to reduce environmental impact and increase service life. In the chemical industry, catalysts are positioned to make the desired reaction as close as possible to the chosen equilibrium point in the shortest time possible for a reversible type of reaction. The speed the reactions back and forth so that they reach equilibrium faster, do not participate in chemical reactions and remain unchanged. Catalytic fertilizers are necessary products to increase the productivity of crops. Therefore, many manufacturers are hard at work. The catalytic fertilizer market is supposed to grow exponentially due to recent developments in the industry.

Impact of COVID-19 on Catalyst Fertilizers Market:

The strict lockdown conditions imposed as a part of controlling the transmission of coronavirus have resulted in the temporary halt of farming activities, resulting in decreased sales and revenue in the catalyst fertilizers market. But the business is supposed to bounce back once the vaccination for COVID-19 is successfully developed.

Drivers and Restraints:


The growth of the agricultural industry has led to a higher demand for fertilizers, contributing to a higher production of catalytic fertilizers. The expansion of the agricultural industry is a major factor driving the growth of the catalytic fertilizer market. Additionally, the development of selective catalytic reduction technology has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Growing awareness of farmers about improving crop yields has also contributed to the growth of the global market for catalytic fertilizers. This has increased the consumer base and is expected to generate significant growth in the global catalytic fertilizer market. Also, the need for crop production has increased due to population growth in certain regions. The Catalyst Fertilizers market is mainly driven by the growth of fertilizer production and the expansion of production facilities in Asia.

Additionally, as greenhouse gas emissions from ammonia plants increase, innovation in the catalytic industry to control emissions through selective catalytic reduction technology is foreseen to drive the Catalyst Fertilizers market growth. Optimal crop growth is highly dependent on the proper use of fertilizers. This has contributed significantly to the expansion of the catalytic fertilizer business. In addition to this, the Catalyst Fertilizers market has exploded with technological advancements and the increase in ammonia plant installations around the world. The growing need for catalysts is being witnessed in the fertilizer industry. Catalyst Fertilizers are various types of metal oxides that are used in the fertilizer industry to speed up reactions. Catalyst Fertilizers are used primarily during ammonia production. The activity of the fertilizer catalyst determines the yield and the conversion of the raw material. The increasing adoption of catalytic fertilizers is stimulating the market due to various regulations imposed by the government to prevent contamination.

Additionally, government subsidies to encourage the use of catalytic fertilizers further promoted the Catalyst Fertilizers market. Population growth and increased disposable income have led to increased demand for fertilizers around the world. People's eating habits are also changing with the economic development that is taking place in many countries. Population growth and declining fertile land are also accelerating the growth of the fertilizer industry, and the growth of this fertilizer industry leads to an increase in demand for ammonia, which in turn is driving the growth of the industry for catalyst fertilizers. The demand for hydrogen gas and other chemicals has increased significantly, driving the growth of the Catalyst Fertilizers market. Strong growth in the world economy and growing need for food are expected to increase the demand for catalyst fertilizers during the foreseen period. Increased capacity at fertilizer plants is further increasing demand for high-performance Catalyst Fertilizers that is expected to continue throughout the outlook period. However, the government is taking the initiative to promote environmental awareness in remote areas and spread the benefits of catalytic fertilizers. This is estimated to bring significant growth in the future Catalyst Fertilizers market.


Lack of awareness and economics in developing countries is very likely to hamper the global Catalyst Fertilizers market. In addition, long periods of replacement of catalysts can cause shortages in the market. One of the main challenges to this market is the increasing demand for continuous research and development for product improvement. Also, environmental regulations are becoming stricter day by day, which could act as a deterrent to the fertilizer catalyst market during the forecast period. Fluctuations in commodity prices in the fertilizer industry are expected to affect the Catalyst Fertilizers market during the foreseen period.




Market Size Available

2021 – 2026

Base Year


Forecast Period

2021 - 2026



Segments Covered

Based on the production process, On the basis of the metal group, By application

Various Analyses Covered

Global, Regional & Country Level Analysis, Segment-Level Analysis, DROC, PESTLE Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Analyst Overview on Investment Opportunities

Regions Covered

North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, Middle East & Africa

Market Leaders Profiled

N.E. Chemcat, Johnson Matthey, Oham Industries, LKAB Minerals, DowDuPont, Quality Magnetite, Clariant International, QuantumSphere Inc., and Haldor-Topsoe.

Market Segmentation:

Catalyst Fertilizers Market Based on the production process:

The catalytic fertilizer market is segmented into Contact Process, Haber-Bosch Process, and Others. Of these, Haber-Bosch Process occupied the market share in 2020 and is expected to record the fastest CAGR in 2021 - 2026. The Haber process is an artificial nitrogen fixation process and is one of the main industrial processes for the production of ammonia.

Catalyst Fertilizers Market On the basis of the metal group:

The catalytic fertilizer market is segmented into precious metals and non-metals. The non-metals segment held a higher market share in 2020 and is supposed to record the highest CAGR in 2021-2026.

Catalyst Fertilizers Market By Application:  

The market for catalytic fertilizers has been segmented into phosphate, nitrogen, etc. Nitrogen dust had the largest share of the global catalytic fertilizer market in 2020. On the other hand, the phosphate segment is determined to record the highest CAGR in 2021-2026. The nitrogen fertilizer industry is mainly focused on the production of ammonium nitrate, synthetic ammonia, nitric acid and urea.

Regional Analysis:

The Catalyst Fertilizers market is foreseen to be dominated by Asia-Pacific, where China leads the market in terms of production and consumption. India is also predicted to see healthy growth in terms of the demand for Catalyst Fertilizers due to the rapid increase in demand for fertilizers driven by population growth and increased demand for food. Together, North America and Europe are anticipated to occupy a significant share of the Catalyst Fertilizers market, and the growing demand for green tires is expected to further increase the demand for Catalyst Fertilizers in the coming years. Major investments and the economic recovery in Brazil and Argentina are likely to boost the Latin American market for fertilizer catalysts. The Middle East and Africa will see a modest increase in demand for Catalyst Fertilizers during the envisioned period.

Leading Companies:

Major Catalyst Fertilizers market players include Project & Development India Ltd., N.E. Chemcat, Johnson Matthey, Oham Industries, LKAB Minerals, DowDuPont, Quality Magnetite, Clariant International, QuantumSphere Inc., and Haldor-Topsoe.

1. Introduction                                 

                1.1 Market Definition                     

                1.2 Scope of the report                  

                1.3 Study Assumptions                 

                1.4 Base Currency, Base Year and Forecast Periods                           

2. Research Methodology                                             

                2.1 Analysis Design                        

                2.2 Research Phases                       

                                2.2.1 Secondary Research            

                                2.2.2 Primary Research 

                                2.2.3 Data Modelling      

                                2.2.4 Expert Validation 

                2.3 Study Timeline                         

3. Report Overview                                        

                3.1 Executive Summary                

                3.2 Key Inferencees                        

4. Market Dynamics                                       

                4.1 Impact Analysis                        

                                4.1.1 Drivers     

                                4.1.2 Restaints 

                                4.1.3 Opportunities        

                4.2 Regulatory Environment                       

                4.3 Technology Timeline & Recent Trends                            

5. Competitor Benchmarking Analysis                                   

                5.1 Key Player Benchmarking                    

                                5.1.1 Market share analysis         

                                5.1.2 Products/Service 

                                5.1.3 Regional Presence

                5.2 Mergers & Acquistion Landscape                      

                5.3 Joint Ventures & Collaborations                         

6. Market Segmentation                               

                6.1 Catalyst Fertilizer Market, By Production Process                      

                                6.1.1 Contact Process     

                                6.1.2 Haber-Bosch Process          

                                6.1.3 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026) 

                                6.1.4 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis             

                                6.1.5 Market Attractiveness Index           

                6.2 Catalyst Fertilizer Market, By Application                      

                                6.2.1 Phosphatic              

                                6.2.2 Nitrogenous           

                                6.2.3 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026) 

                                6.2.4 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis             

                                6.2.5 Market Attractiveness Index           

                6.3 Catalyst Fertilizer Market, By Metal Group                    

                                6.3.1 Precious Metal       

                                6.3.2 Base Metal               

                                6.3.3 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026) 

                                6.3.4 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis             

                                6.3.5 Market Attractiveness Index           

7. Geographical Landscape                                         

                7.1 Global Identity Governance and Administration Market, by Region   

                7.2 North America - Market Analysis (2021 - 2026)                          

                                7.2.1 By Country              



                                7.2.2 By Production Process        

                                7.2.3 By Application       

                                7.2.4 By Metal Group     

                7.3 Europe                         

                                7.3.1 By Country              






                                       Rest of Europe

                                7.3.2 By Production Process        

                                7.3.3 By Application       

                                7.3.4 By Metal Group     

                7.4 Asia Pacific                 

                                7.4.1 By Country              




                                       South Korea

                                       South East Asia

                                       Australia & NZ

                                       Rest of Asia-Pacific

                                7.4.2 By Production Process        

                                7.4.3 By Application       

                                7.4.4 By Metal Group     

                7.5 Latin America                            

                                7.5.1 By Country              




                                       Rest of Latin America

                                7.5.2 By Production Process        

                                7.5.3 By Application       

                                7.5.4 By Metal Group     

                7.6 Middle East and Africa                           

                                7.6.1 By Country              

                                       Middle East


                                7.6.2 By Production Process        

                                7.6.3 By Application       

                                7.6.4 By Metal Group     

8. Key Player Analysis                                   

                8.1 DowDuPont                

                                8.1.1 Business Description          

                                8.1.2 Products/Service 

                                8.1.3 Financials

                                8.1.4 SWOT Analysis      

                                8.1.5 Recent Developments         

                                8.1.6 Analyst Overview 

                8.2 Oham Industries                      

                8.3 Clariant International                            

                8.4 Project & Development India Ltd                      

                8.5 N.E. Chemcat                             

                8.6 Johnson Matthey                      

                8.7 LKAB Minerals                          

                8.8 Quality Magnetite                    

                8.9 QuantumSphere Inc                

                8.10 Haldor-Topsoe                       

9. Market Outlook & Investment Opportunities                                  

10. Appendix                                    

                List of Tables                    

                List of Figures                  

  1. Global, regional and country-level analysis and forecasts of the study market; providing Insights on the major countries/regions in which this industry is blooming and to also identify the regions that are still untapped
  2. Segment-level analysis in terms of technology, component, and type along with market size forecasts and estimations to detect key areas of industry growth in detail
  3. Identification of key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges (DROC) in the market and their impact on shifting market dynamics
  4. Study of the effect of exogenous and endogenous factors that affect the global market; which includes broadly demographic, economics, and political, among other macro-environmental factors presented in an extensive PESTLE Analysis
  5. Study the micro environment factors that determine the overall profitability of an Industry, using Porter’s five forces analysis for analysing the level of competition and business strategy development
  6. A comprehensive list of key market players along with their product portfolio, current strategic interests, key financial information, legal issues, SWOT analysis and analyst overview to study and sustain the market environment
  7. Competitive landscape analysis listing out the mergers, acquisitions, collaborations in the field along with new product launches, comparative financial studies and recent developments in the market by the major companies
  8. An executive summary, abridging the entire report in such a way that decision-making personnel can rapidly become acquainted with background information, concise analysis and main conclusions
  9. Expertly devised analyst overview along with Investment opportunities to provide both individuals and organizations a strong financial foothold in the market
  1. Global Catalyst Fertilizer Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  2. Global Catalyst Fertilizer Market By Production Process, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  3. Global Contact Process Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  4. Global Haber-Bosch Process Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  5. Global Catalyst Fertilizer Market By Application, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  6. Global Phosphatic Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  7. Global Nitrogenous Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  8. Global Catalyst Fertilizer Market By Metal Group, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  9. Global Precious Metal Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  10. Global Base Metal Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )

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