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Pulished Date August, 2021
ID: 11996
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Digital Storage Devices Market Research Report - Segmentation By Product Type(Flash Storage, Solid-State Drivers And Magnetic Disk Drivers, Others); By Application(Laptops, Personal Computers, Smartphones, Others); By Storage(8 GB, 8-128 GB, 128-512 GB); By Usage(Enterprise, Individual) - Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2026

Pulished: August, 2021
ID: 11996
Pages: 150

Digital Storage Devices Market Size & Growth (2021-2026)

The global digital storage devices market was worth US$ 3110.8 million in 2020, and it is estimated to reach a valuation of US$ 7300.6 million by the end of 2026, expanding at an annual growth rate of 12.9% between 2021 and 2026. Digital storage devices are nothing but computer data storage technology, also referred to as storage media devices. For example, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, DVD-Rs, DVD+Rs and store internally in Memory cards, flash drives, digital cameras, blackberry devices, MP3 iPod & players, digital recorders, cell phones, and PDAs. Most genealogists make use of these digital storage devices to store genealogical information, which includes names, places, dates, photographs, historical documents, emails, sources, family videos & contact information, and audio recordings.

Recent Developments 

  • On July 19, 2021, Kingston Fury an affiliate of Kingston Technology Company Inc., has announced that it has shipped its high-performance memory, namely Kingston Fury Renegade, Kingston Fury Impact, and Kingston Fury beast.
  • Recently, a Brazil Company, Sercompe, decided to expand its already existing partnership with Hewlett Packard Company in order to grow its market offerings and further drive core operational efficiencies. On the other hand, Orock Technologies, a USA-based company, has announced its strong relationship with HPE would be expanded further in order to deliver innovative open-source cloud solutions.

Market Drivers 

Inclination in the amount of data from digital services & firms such as banking, information technology, healthcare, and others is one of the major factors that drive the global digital storage devices market. High growth in cloud computing services, rising adoption of flash storage, and increasing trend of smartphones with high-capacity storage were also the factors that boost the digital storage devices market.

Market Segmentation

Depending on the product type, the global digital storage devices market is segmented into flash storage, solid-state drivers, and magnetic disk drivers. Among these segments, solid-state drivers (SSD) were probably the most widely used data storage device. Since it has no moving parts and information it gathers is installed in microchips, and it does not require power as it is a flash technology-based storage. The solid-state drive uses NAND-based flash memory that helps it to enable and store and remember the information even after the disk is turned off. SSD has a standard size of 1.8”, 2.5”, or 3.5” that can perfectly fit into the connectors. 

Depending on Application, the global digital storage devices market is augmented into laptops, personal computers, and smart phones. Among these segments, smartphones and tablets are becoming more powerful year on year than desktops and laptops due to their components, size, and low restrictive power requirements, although they can run powerful software than a tablet or a smartphone. In terms of market share, smartphones occupied almost 55 percent of the market as of February 2021, whereas laptops taking up to 42 percent.

Depending on the Storage, the global digital storage devices market is segmented into up to 8 GB, 8-128 GB, and 128-512 GB. The unit of digital information is a byte, which consists of 8 bits, generally used to encode a single character of text in desktops, laptops, and others. Coming to the performance, both 8GB and 128 GB SSD has better performance and can have adverse read and write speed and also more memory for multitasking of applications.

Depending on Usage, the global digital devices storage market is segmented into Enterprise and Individual. No matter or what, digital storage devices are generally used in all aspects of people’s lives and in several workplaces since these are considered an integral part of the business.

Regional Analysis

The global production chemicals market has been analyzed in four regions, namely:

  1. Asia Pacific
  2. North America
  3. Europe
  4. Latin America
  5. Middle East and Africa

North America holds the highest market share of the global digital devices market during the forecast period since nearly 50 percent of the total vendors were concentrated in North America and also comprised the highest market of storage device manufacturers. Increasing adoption of flash storage, the rapid growth of digital storage devices, and increasing usage of smartphones with larger capacity storage are the major factors that fuel the global digital storage devices market growth in North America.

On the other hand, the Asia Pacific and Europe hold the second and third largest market share of global digital storage devices, followed by Latin America and Middle East Africa, where the countries have less population that makes these countries hold less market share of digital storage devices market.

Key Players

Some of the leading companies operating in the global digital storage devices market are Kingston Technology Corporation, International Business Machines Corporation, Hewlett Packard Company, Brocade Communications Systems, NetApp, Inc., Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Fujitsu Ltd., Promise Technology, Inc., and Violin Systems.

1. Introduction                                 

                1.1 Market Definition                    

                1.2 Scope of the report                 

                1.3 Study Assumptions                 

                1.4 Base Currency, Base Year and Forecast Periods                           

2. Research Methodology                                           

                2.1 Analysis Design                         

                2.2 Research Phases                      

                                2.2.1 Secondary Research           

                                2.2.2 Primary Research 

                                2.2.3 Data Modelling     

                                2.2.4 Expert Validation  

                2.3 Study Timeline                          

3. Report Overview                                        

                3.1 Executive Summary                

                3.2 Key Inferencees                       

4. Market Dynamics                                       

                4.1 Impact Analysis                        

                                4.1.1 Drivers      

                                4.1.2 Restaints 

                                4.1.3 Opportunities        

                4.2 Regulatory Environment                       

                4.3 Technology Timeline & Recent Trends                            

5. Competitor Benchmarking Analysis                                    

                5.1 Key Player Benchmarking                     

                                5.1.1 Market share analysis         

                                5.1.2 Products/Service 

                                5.1.3 Regional Presence

                5.2 Mergers & Acquistion Landscape                      

                5.3 Joint Ventures & Collaborations                        

6. Market Segmentation                                              

                6.1 Digital Storage Devices Market, By Product Type                        

                                6.1.1 Flash storage         

                                6.1.2 Solid-state drivers

                                6.1.3 Magnetic disk drivers         

                                6.1.4 Others      

                                6.1.5 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026)   

                                6.1.6 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis              

                                6.1.7 Market Attractiveness Index           

                6.2 Digital Storage Devices Market, By Application                            

                                6.2.1 Laptops    

                                6.2.2 Personal computers            

                                6.2.3 Smartphones         

                                6.2.4 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026)   

                                6.2.5 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis              

                                6.2.6 Market Attractiveness Index           

                6.3 Digital Storage Devices Market, By Storage                   

                                6.3.1 8 GB          

                                6.3.2 8-128 GB 

                                6.3.3 128-512 GB            

                                6.3.4 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026)   

                                6.3.5 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis              

                                6.3.6 Market Attractiveness Index           

                6.4 Digital Storage Devices Market, By Usage                      

                                6.4.1 Enterprise               

                                6.4.2 Individual

                                6.4.3 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026)   

                                6.4.4 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis              

                                6.4.5 Market Attractiveness Index           

7. Geographical Landscape                                         

                7.1 Global Identity Governance and Administration Market, by Region                    

                7.2 North America - Market Analysis (2021 - 2026)                            

                                7.2.1 By Country              



                                7.2.2 By Product Type   

                                7.2.3 By Application       

                                7.2.4 By Storage              

                                7.2.5 By Usage 

                7.3 Europe                         

                                7.3.1 By Country              






                                       Rest of Europe

                                7.3.2 By Product Type   

                                7.3.3 By Application       

                                7.3.4 By Storage              

                                7.3.5 By Usage 

                7.4 Asia Pacific                  

                                7.4.1 By Country              




                                       South Korea

                                       South East Asia

                                       Australia & NZ

                                       Rest of Asia-Pacific

                                7.4.2 By Product Type   

                                7.4.3 By Application       

                                7.4.4 By Storage              

                                7.4.5 By Usage 

                7.5 Latin America                            

                                7.5.1 By Country              




                                       Rest of Latin America

                                7.5.2 By Product Type   

                                7.5.3 By Application       

                                7.5.4 By Storage              

                                7.5.5 By Usage 

                7.6 Middle East and Africa                           

                                7.6.1 By Country              

                                       Middle East


                                7.6.2 By Product Type   

                                7.6.3 By Application       

                                7.6.4 By Storage              

                                7.6.5 By Usage 

8. Key Player Analysis                                    

                8.1 Kingston Technology Corporation                     

                                8.1.1 Business Description           

                                8.1.2 Products/Service 

                                8.1.3 Financials 

                                8.1.4 SWOT Analysis      

                                8.1.5 Recent Developments       

                                8.1.6 Analyst Overview 

                8.2 International Business Machines Corporation                              

                8.3 Hewlett Packard Company                  

                8.4 Brocade Communications Systems                   

                8.5 NetApp, Inc                

                8.6 Hitachi-LG Data Storage                        

                8.7 Fujitsu Ltd                   

                8.8 Promise Technology, Inc                       

                8.9 Violin Systems                          

9. Market Outlook & Investment Opportunities                                 


                List of Tables                     

                List of Figures                   

  • Global, regional and country-level analysis and forecasts of the study market; providing Insights on the major countries/regions in which this industry is blooming and to also identify the regions that are still untapped.
  • Segment-level analysis in terms of product type, application, storage, usage along with market size forecasts and estimations to detect key areas of industry growth in detail.
  • Identification of key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges (DROC) in the market and their impact on shifting market dynamics.
  • Study of the effect of exogenous and endogenous factors that affect the global market; which includes broadly demographic, economics, and political, among other macro-environmental factors presented in an extensive PESTLE Analysis.
  • Study the microenvironment factors that determine the overall profitability of an Industry, using Porter’s five forces analysis for analysing the level of competition and business strategy development.
  • A comprehensive list of key market players along with their product portfolio, current strategic interests, key financial information, legal issues, SWOT analysis and analyst overview to study and sustain the market environment.
  • Competitive landscape analysis listing out the mergers, acquisitions, collaborations in the field along with new product launches, comparative financial studies and recent developments in the market by the major companies.
  • An executive summary, abridging the entire report in such a way that decision-making personnel can rapidly become acquainted with background information, concise analysis and main conclusions.
  • Expertly devised analyst overview along with Investment opportunities to provide both individuals and organizations a strong financial foothold in the market.
  1. Global Digital Storage Devices Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  2. Global Digital Storage Devices Market By Product Type, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  3. Global Flash storage Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  4. Global Solid-state drivers Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  5. Global Magnetic disk drivers  Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  6. Global Others Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  7. Global Digital Storage Devices Market By Application, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  8. Global Laptops Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  9. Global Personal computers Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  10. Global Smartphones  Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  11. Global Digital Storage Devices Market By Storage, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  12. Global 8 GB Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  13. Global 8-128 GB Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  14. Global 128-512 GB Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  15. Global Digital Storage Devices Market By Usage, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  16. Global Enterprise  Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  17. Global Individual Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )

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