North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice Market By Flavour (Fruit [Mango, Apple, Guava, Pomegranate, Grape, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple And Others], Vegetable [Carrot, Beetroot, Tomato, Pumpkin, Others], Mixed Fruits And Vegetables), Type (Ambient, Chilled, Frozen, Others), Concentration (100% Juice, 25-99% Juice, <25% Juice, Flavoured, Others), Category (Carbonated And Non- Carbonated), Distribution Channel (Convenience Stores, Supermarkets Or Hypermarkets, Independent Retailers, On-trade) and By Country (US, Canada and Rest of North America) - Growth, Size, Share, Trends, and Forecasts (2024 to 2029)

Updated On: June, 2024
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North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice Market Growth and Forecast (2023 - 2028):

The North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice Market Size was assessed to be USD 31.1 billion in 2022, and it is foreseen to reach USD 40.2 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 4.4% during the conjecture time frame. The main factors driving North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice market growth are increased usage of these juices, the introduction of mixed fruit and vegetables, and increased disposable income in cold juices and emerging nations.

Market Overview:

Juice is one of the preferred drinks of all ages in the world. The juice is prepared by extracting the pulp of fruits and vegetables. Prepared with artificial flavoring, fruit and vegetable juices is a liquid that is naturally obtained by squeezing from fruits and vegetables. Fruit and Vegetable juices offer energy and instant refreshments to consumers. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antitoxins and provides anti-inflammatory properties, helping to improve the human immune system. Fruit and Vegetable juices upgraded with practical fixings, offering new product chances to organizations that can create and showcase functional fruit product juice products by understanding buyer inclinations to meet purchaser desires. Omega-3, fiber, bioactive compounds, vitamins, and probiotic bacteria are some of the functional ingredients that provide tremendous product opportunities for the juice industry. Vitamins are added to enhance the nutritional profile of products. Vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin C are some of the popular types of vitamins that are added to fruit juices.

North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice Market Growth:

The increase in consumption of this product, changes in consumer tastes, the adoption of healthy eating habits and the appearance of cold juices are the main factors that accelerate the growth of this North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice market.


Fruit and Vegetable Juices are among the fastest-growing segments in the beverage industry of North America, as health problems increase among consumers. Health and fitness have become important in today's world, and there have been latent changes in drinking healthy juices from soda pop. North America Fruit and Vegetable juices replace carbonated and energy drinks. Consumers are health conscious and prefer fruit juice to other types of beverages sold in the market. Consumers who change lifestyle make Fruit and Vegetable Juice as part of their daily diet. Juice makers are focusing on adding additional vitamins and minerals as consumers' tastes, preferences, and demands change. Convenient packaging is a key factor in attracting consumers to buy North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice for all consumers. The company is focusing on product innovations that affect consumers through different marketing strategies, such as advertising and effective distribution. Consumers prefer natural fruit juices or contain 100% fruit content (concentrated juice). The market is ordered by type of fruit: orange juice, guava juice, apple juice, lemon juice. Also, mixed juice together with orange juice is a major trend in the world market. The growth of the North American market is supported by the increasing call for healthy foods among the local consumer base. The increasing popularity of cold pressing juice is one of the main factors affecting the growth of the North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice market.

Cold-pressed juice protects the nutrients, minerals, and proteins that are lost during the warming and oxidation phases of conventional juice-production forms. Few consumers have knowledge of the advantages of mixed Fruit and Vegetable Juices, especially in developing nations. This has encouraged suppliers in the regional market to perform marketing and advertising activities to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of mixed juice products. Cold-pressed juices for the most part comprise of normal concentrates of leafy foods and blends thereof. Since this procedure doesn't utilize warmth or oxygen, there is no loss of supplements all the while. With the dispatch of this item, many have decided on more advantageous and progressively nutritious choices. Soft drinks like sparkle drinks, cola, flavored drinks, and other sugary sweet drinks. This beverage quickens the development of the North American products of the vegetable juice advertise in light of the fact that it is less nutritious than the foods grown from the ground juices sold in the market. In this manner, an enormous number of populaces are changing to devouring normal juices, which give nourishing beverages and have less impediments contrasted with soda pops.


The main threat or limitation in the market is the preference for various juices and flavors among consumers of North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice business.

Impact of COVID-19 on the North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice market:

With the arrival of COVID-19, North American fruit and vegetable juices have been discontinued. This health crisis has had an unprecedented impact on fruit and vegetable juices in North America. With the help of the government and various companies, you can fight this highly contagious corona virus disease. This will help reboot with a new and normal scenario after covid19.

North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice Market Segmentation Analysis:

By Flavour:


  • Mango
  • Apple
  • Guava
  • Pomegranate
  • Grape
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Pineapple
  • 9 Others


  • Carrot
  • Beetroot
  • Tomato
  • Pumpkin
  • Others

By Type:

  • Ambient  
  • Chilled      
  • Frozen     
  • Others   

By Concentration:

  • 100% juice              
  • 25-99% juice          
  • <25% juice              
  • Flavoured
  • Others     

By Category:

  • Carbonated           
  • Non-Carbonated 

By Distribution Channel:

  • Convenience stores           
  • Supermarkets or hypermarkets    
  • Independent retailers       
  • On-trade 

Regional Analysis:

Geographically the North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice Market is segmented into US, Canada, Mexico and Rest of North America. North America is dominating the Fruits and Vegetable juice's market due to the high consumption of juices by consumers, and higher demand for other alternative juices such as mixed fruit and vegetable juices and cold juices etc. As the demand for healthier options increased in the area, manufacturers had to develop more natural and nutritious products. Countries such as the United States, Canada and Mexico are the largest consumers of this North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice market. The regional market is currently driven by several factors. With a growing sense of health, consumers have switched from carbonated beverages to natural beverages like Fruit and Vegetable Juice. This can also be recognized as a Fruit and Vegetable Juice that helps improve metabolism and lower cholesterol. Additionally, the convenient Fruit and Vegetable Juice packaging allows for easy consumption, supporting the enthusiastic and sedentary lifestyle of consumers in this area. In addition to this, new technological advances, such as the introduction of organic preservatives, have contributed to the growth of the North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice market in the locale.

Key Players in the Market:

Major Key Players in the North America Fruit and Vegetable Juice Market are

  • Del Monte Foods                    
  • Del Monte Foods Corporation                           
  • Pepsi Co                      
  • Welch’s                        
  • Nestle                          
  • Ocean Spray Cranberries                     
  • Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc.,                        
  • Citrus World              

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