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Pulished Date March, 2021
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Timing Devices Market Segmentation By Product Type (Oscillator, Resonator, Clock Generator, Jitter Attenuator, Clock Buffer), By Material Type (Crystal, Ceramic, Silicon), By Industry Vertical (Consumer Electronics, Automotive, IT and Telecommunication, Aerospace and Defense, Healthcare, Others) - Industry Analysis, Share, Growth, and Forecast 2021-2026

Pulished: March, 2021
ID: 11250
Pages: 175

Timing Devices Market Size, Trends & Growth (2021 - 2026)

The timing device is a specialized type of watch used to measure the interval of time elapsed in hours, minutes, seconds, and fraction of a second. Small timekeeping devices are pocket instruments with mechanical and hand movements, especially for displaying elapsed time. Timer devices are widely used in the consumer electronics industry for portable and portable electronic devices because they have low power consumption, a high degree of stability, and accuracy.

Timing devices are instruments used for the purpose of measuring elapsed time intervals in segments such as hour, minute, second, and fraction of a second. Small timekeeping devices are made like pocket instruments and wrist instruments, usually with mechanical movements and in terms of hands to show elapsed time. Large center table timing devices and panel mounted units are manufactured, including demo timers. In reality, timing devices work electrically with some kind of digital display 1 billion by 2027, with a compound annual rate of 6.1% during the analysis period 2020-2027. Oscillators, one of the segments analyzed in the report, is expected to register a compound annual rate of 6.7% and reach US $ 2.3 billion at the end of the analysis period. Due to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, the growth of the resonator segment has been revised to 6.1% for the foreseen period.

Recent Developments:

  • Microchip Technology MCHP recently announced the acquisition of Tekron International Limited to increase its offerings in the Frequency and Timing Systems business division.
  • Microchip Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHP) announced the acquisition of Tekron International Limited, a world leader in providing high-precision GPS and atomic clock timing technologies and solutions for smart grid and other industrial applications. The terms of the agreement are confidential.
  • Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) announced that it has successfully developed a proprietary technology to produce MEMS silicon resonators for the silicon MEMS market.


In response to the Coronavirus crisis, much of the electronics market faces the challenge of balancing supply chain with demand, due to depressed end-market demand. In addition, due to the expansion of quarantine orders in major economies to minimize the impact of coronaviruses, the production of electronic components, such as timing devices, as well as supply end users, is stopped. The virus outbreak has required quarantined travel bans, uncertainty in the stock market, and falling business confidence. However, technology providers try to remain committed to their partners and focus on long-term investments. The integration of emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT and high-performance computing should be critical for a global rebound in the electronics industry. Prices of raw materials needed to make time devices are expected to rise, due to gaps in the supply chain. Also, due to the crisis scenario, the global revenue generated by the sync device market is expected to decline in the coming months. On the contrary, the use of stopwatches in smart medical facilities such as endoscopes and ultrasound equipment should be lucrative for the healthcare industry.

Drivers and Restraints of Timing Devices Market:


The increasing use of these devices in automotive electronics is expected to drive the global timing device market during the forecast period. They are used in car navigation systems, audiovisual equipment in vehicles, safety control systems, and driving control systems. These are also used in Big Data Cloud applications due to their ability to interact with commonly used storage ICs, better synchronization, and improved system optimization. Most of these devices are temperature sensitive and difficult to design.


The cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry acts as a factor preventing the market for timing devices from reaching its full potential. The biggest challenge MEMS oscillators face is that they synthesize the output frequency of only a few MEMS resonator designs. The presence of a PLL between the MEMS resonator and the output does not actually generate a good quality signal like the quartz-based design. This acts as a restraining factor in the growth of the global Timing Devices market.

Timing Devices Market Segmentation:

By Product type:

  • Oscillator
  • MEMS Oscillator
  • Crystal Oscillator
  • Resonator
  • Clock Generator
  • Jitter Attenuator
  • Clock Buffer

Oscillators are expected to be the fastest growing segment due to improved aid to the automotive and consumer electronics segment. The growth of the portable and portable electronics segment is supposed to drive demand for oscillators. MEMS oscillators combine low power consumption with accurate frequency output and are gaining more and more popularity. MEMS technology saves energy and miniaturizes electronics while providing high precision and stability. The market for timing devices is expected to grow due to the adoption of MEMS technology.

By Material type:

  • Crystal
  • Ceramic
  • Silicon

By Industry vertical:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • IT & Telecommunication
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Healthcare
  • Others

Timing devices are used in the automotive industry in audio systems, car navigation system, infotainment system, intelligent driver assistance system, and safety control systems. It is also used in industrial applications such as ultrasonic equipment, safety equipment, smart energy meters, and machine vision equipment.

Timing Devices Market Region wise analysis:

Marked Segmentation based on the region:

  1. North America
    1. U.S
    2. Canada
  2. Europe
    1. Norway
    2. Germany
    3. Sweden
  3. Asia Pacific
    1. China
    2. India
    3. Japan
  4. Latin America
    1. Brazil
    2. Mexico
    3. Argentina
  5. Middle East and Africa

a. Middle East

b. Africa

The market for timing devices in the United States was estimated at US $ 1.3 billion in 2020. China, the world's second-largest economy, is estimated to reach a projected market size of US $ 1.5 billion by 2027, with a compound annual rate of 9.4% during the foreseen period. Other notable geographies include Japan and Canada, each forecasting growth of 3.3% and 5.5% respectively. In Europe, Germany is estimated to grow at a 3.9% CAGR. Geographically, the market for timing devices is primarily driven by the Asia-Pacific region. The increasing call for timing ICs in the automotive and consumer electronics industries is promoting the Asia-Pacific business. The increasing demand for MEMS and crystal oscillators in broadcast transmitters and mobile phones is expected to rapidly accelerate the market for timing devices. This region is expected to maintain its dominance in the market during the forecast period due to the presence of a large number of manufacturers of consumer electronics equipment in countries such as China, South Korea and Japan, among others.

Key Players of Market:

Asahi Kasei Corp., Kyocera Corp., Microchip Technology Inc., Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd., NXP Semiconductors NV, Oscilent Corp., Renesas Electronics Corp., Seiko Holdings Corp., STMicroelectronics NV, Texas Instruments Inc., etc., are a few of the key vendors in the timing devices market.

1. Introduction                            

          1.1 Market Definition                  

          1.2 Scope of the report               

          1.3 Study Assumptions               

          1.4 Base Currency, Base Year and Forecast Periods              

2. Research Methodology                      

          2.1 Analysis Design          

          2.2 Research Phases                   

                    2.2.1 Secondary Research 

                    2.2.2 Primary Research     

                    2.2.3 Data Modelling        

                    2.2.4 Expert Validation     

          2.3 Study Timeline            

3. Report Overview                     

          3.1 Executive Summary               

          3.2 Key Inferencees          

4. Market Dynamics                    

          4.1 Impact Analysis           

                    4.1.1 Drivers

                    4.1.2 Restaints       

                    4.1.3 Opportunities 

          4.2 Regulatory Environment                  

          4.3 Technology Timeline & Recent Trends                  

5. Competitor Benchmarking Analysis                        

          5.1 Key Player Benchmarking                 

                    5.1.1 Market share analysis         

                    5.1.2 Products/Service      

                    5.1.3 Regional Presence    

          5.2 Mergers & Acquistion Landscape               

          5.3 Joint Ventures & Collaborations                 

6. Market Segmentation                        

          6.1 Timing Devices Market, By Product Type              

                    6.1.1 Oscillator       

                    6.1.2 Resonator      

                    6.1.3 Clock Generator       

                    6.1.4 Jitter Attenuator       

                    6.1.5 Clock Buffer  

                    6.1.6 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026)        

                    6.1.7 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis         

                    6.1.8 Market Attractiveness Index         

          6.2 Timing Devices Market, By Material Type             

                    6.2.1 Crystal 

                    6.2.2 Ceramic         

                    6.2.3 Silicon 

                    6.2.4 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026)        

                    6.2.5 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis         

                    6.2.6 Market Attractiveness Index         

          6.3 Timing Devices Market, By Industry Vertical                   

                    6.3.1 Consumer Electronics         

                    6.3.2 Automotive    

                    6.3.3 IT & Telecommunication     

                    6.3.4 Aerospace and Defense      

                    6.3.5 Healthcare     

                    6.3.6 Market Size Estimations & Forecasts (2021-2026)        

                    6.3.7 Y-o-Y Growth Rate Analysis         

                    6.3.8 Market Attractiveness Index         

7. Geographical Landscape                    

          7.1 Global Identity Governance and Administration Market, by Region                   

          7.2 North America - Market Analysis (2018 - 2024)             

                    7.2.1 By Country     



                    7.2.2 By Product Type       

                    7.2.3 By Material Type      

                    7.2.4 By Industry Vertical  

          7.3 Europe             

                    7.3.1 By Country     






                     Rest of Europe

                    7.3.2 By Product Type       

                    7.3.3 By Material Type      

                    7.3.4 By Industry Vertical  

          7.4 Asia Pacific                 

                    7.4.1 By Country     




                     South Korea

                     South East Asia

                     Australia & NZ

                     Rest of Asia-Pacific

                    7.4.2 By Product Type       

                    7.4.3 By Material Type      

                    7.4.4 By Industry Vertical  

          7.5 Latin America             

                    7.5.1 By Country     




                     Rest of Latin America

                    7.5.2 By Product Type       

                    7.5.3 By Material Type      

                    7.5.4 By Industry Vertical  

          7.6 Middle East and Africa          

                    7.6.1 By Country     

                     Middle East


                    7.6.2 By Product Type       

                    7.6.3 By Material Type      

                    7.6.4 By Industry Vertical  

8. Key Player Analysis                           

          8.1 Asahi Kasei Corp                  

                    8.1.1 Business Description

                    8.1.2 Products/Service      

                    8.1.3 Financials      

                    8.1.4 SWOT Analysis         

                    8.1.5 Recent Developments         

                    8.1.6 Analyst Overview      

          8.2 Kyocera Corp              

          8.3 Microchip Technology Inc               

          8.4 Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd                   

          8.5 NXP Semiconductors NV                  

          8.6 Oscilent Corp             

          8.7 Renesas Electronics Corp                

          8.8 Seiko Holdings Corp             

          8.9 STMicroelectronics NV          

          8.10 Texas Instruments Inc                   

9. Market Outlook & Investment Opportunities                     


          List of Tables          

          List of Figures                  

  • Global, Regional and country-level analysis and forecasts of the study market; providing Insights on the major countries/regions in which this industry is blooming and to also identify the regions that are still untapped
  • The segment-level analysis in terms of by type, by application, by end-user, along with market size forecasts and estimations to detect key areas of industry growth in detail
  • Identification of key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges (DROC) in the market and their impact on shifting market dynamics
  • Study of the effect of exogenous and endogenous factors that affect the global market; which includes broadly demographics, economics, and political, among other macro-environmental factors presented in an extensive PESTLE Analysis
  • Study the microenvironment factors that determine the overall profitability of an Industry, using Porter’s five forces analysis for analyzing the level of competition and business strategy development
  • A comprehensive list of key market players along with with their product portfolio, current strategic interests, key financial information, legal issues, SWOT analysis and analyst overview to study and sustain the market environment
  • Competitive landscape analysis listing out the mergers, acquisitions, collaborations in the field along with new product launches, comparative financial studies and recent developments in the market by the major companies
  • An executive summary, abridging the entire report in such a way that decision-making personnel can rapidly become acquainted with background information, concise analysis, and main conclusions
  • Expertly devised analyst overview along with Investment opportunities to provide both individuals and organizations a strong financial foothold in the market
  1. Global Timing Devices Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  2. Global Timing Devices Market By Product Type, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  3. Global Oscillator Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  4. Global Resonator Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  5. Global Clock Generator Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  6. Global Jitter Attenuator Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  7. Global Clock Buffer Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  8. Global Timing Devices Market By Material Type, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  9. Global Crystal Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  10. Global Ceramic Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  11. Global Silicon Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  12. Global Timing Devices Market By Industry Vertical, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  13. Global Consumer Electronics Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  14. Global Automotive Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  15. Global IT & Telecommunication Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  16. Global Aerospace and Defense Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )
  17. Global Healthcare Market By Region, From 2021-2026 ( USD Billion )

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