Europe Carbohydrase Market Research Report – Segmented By Source, Type, End-Use and Country (UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey, Czech Republic and Rest of Europe) – Analysis on Size, Share, Trends & Growth Forecast (2024 to 2029)

Updated On: January, 2024
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Europe Carbohydrase Market Size (2024 to 2029)

The carbohydrase market in Europe is predicted to grow from USD 1.1 billion in 2024 to USD 1.49 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 6.18% from 2024 to 2029.

Carbohydrase is a set of enzymes that are used to catalyze the breakdown of carbohydrates into sugars. Carbohydrase basically refers to a group of enzymes that act as catalysts to break down carbohydrates into sugars. The enzyme carbohydrase is found in the human digestive system and in the salivary glands of the small intestine. Enzymes are an essential part of the human digestive system because they help break down large, insoluble food ingredients into small, soluble molecules. They also break down carbohydrates into simple sugars to fix digestion. Essentially, carbohydrates are found in the pancreas, but generally, the process occurs in the stomach. Proteases improve protein digestion by allowing the breakdown of protein molecules. Similarly, lipase promotes digestion by breaking down bulky molecules into smaller lipids. Carbohydrase help produce various types of syrups, such as reverse sugar syrup, glucose syrup, and fructose syrup. Carbohydrase is applied in feed, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and isomaltose and prebiotics are also formed with the help of carbohydrates.


The growing demand for sports drinks in Europe is driving the European carbohydrate market growth.

Carbohydrase has been seeing increasing application in sports drinks for the last few years. The increase in production rate is improving the Europe carbohydrase market as the use of carbohydrases in food increases in various applications, such as processed food, dairy, bakery and confectionery and others. The Europe Carbohydrase market is creating opportunities for major market players to develop high share during the forecast period. The development of the European pharmaceutical industry is expected to drive market growth with more emphasis on carbohydrate consumption by various pharmaceutical companies. In the fast-growing food and beverage industry, the use of Carbohydrase is aimed at providing healthy growth to the European market.

The Europe carbohydrase market consists of several local and international players. Due to its cleaning properties, carbohydrase is widely used in detergents. Carbohydrase has unstable temperature and pH levels. The increasing use of detergents in industrial and domestic applications is expected to drive the Europe carbohydrase market in the future. The possibility of using chestnut-derived carbohydrase inhibitors to treat diabetes and obesity is expected to provide ample opportunities for Europe carbohydrase market participants. The two main variants of carbohydrate enzymes include cellulase and amylase. Cellulose is widely used to catalyze the breakdown of cellulose, and amylase is used to catalytically hydrolyze starch to sugars. Cellulase carbohydrase is a widely used dietary carbohydrate throughout the region.

Carbohydrase is expected to witness high demand in bakeries for years to come. Also, the dietary carbohydrates pectinase and amylase are also gaining great traction in a variety of applications. The growing demand for confectionery products reflects the high adoption of the dietary carbohydrase. Growing demand from unexplored market segments, rising health concerns around the region, and increasing health awareness around Europe regularly triggered carbohydrase use, fueling the growth of the European carbohydrase market. Technological advancements in profitable enzyme production are expected to create new opportunities for key market players in the European market.


High production costs are a major factor that is expected to hamper the growth of the Europe carbohydrase market. Also, sourcing alternative materials by domestic companies is expected to challenge the growth of the Europe carbohydrase market. The increased availability and use of carbohydrase alternatives are likely to hamper the growth of the Europe carbohydrase market. These trends may have a negative impact on the growth of the local market over the outlook period.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Europe Carbohydrase Market

The global impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 2019 has already started to be felt and will have a major impact on the Europe carbohydrase market in 2020. The COVID-19 outbreak has affected many aspects, including travel bans and quarantine. The disruption of chemical manufacturing activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic will have a significant impact on the growth patterns of enzymes and other catalysts.

This research report on the Europe carbohydrase market has been segmented and sub-segmented into the following categories.

Europe Carbohydrase Market – By Source

  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Microbial
  • Others

Of these, the microbial sector is expected to dominate the market, followed by the animal sector.

Europe Carbohydrase Market – By Type

  • Amylases
  • Cellulases
  • Pectinases
  • Lactase
  • Others

Among them, the amylase segment is the most widely used carbohydrate, followed by the cellulase segment. However, with the increasing demand for lactose-free products, the lactase segment is estimated to be the fastest-growing segment in the European market.

Europe Carbohydrase Market – By End-Use

  • Dairy
  • Baking and Confectionery
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Animal Feed
  • Others

Among these, the food and beverage sector dominate the market due to the increasing use of carbohydrates in the bakery, dairy and beverage industries. However, the animal feed sector is showing significant growth during the forecast period.

Europe Carbohydrase Market – By Country

  • UK
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • Czech Republic
  • Rest of Europe

The food industry in the European region is one of the fastest-growing and is expected to occupy the largest share in the food and beverage sector and this trend is expected to drive the European carbohydrase market during the foreseen period. Proteases and lipases are used mainly in dairy products. Increased dairy consumption in Italy and Spain is expected to further amplify regional market growth. Increasing demand for drugs due to the growing elderly population is expected to further drive the European market. Growth in the processed food industry is expected to boost UK carbohydrase demand.


Companies playing a notable role in the Europe carbohydrase market include Dyadic International Inc., Specialty Enzymes, Amano Enzyme Inc., Novozymes, AB Enzymes GmbH, Royal DSM, Advanced Enzymes, Verenium, Chr. Hansen Holding A/S and E.I.DuPont De Nemours & Co.


  • In April 2020, the largest enzyme manufacturing company BASF, producing hand sanitizers to help fighting COVID-19 in New York and New Jersey. This can significantly reduce the growth of the Europe Carbohydrase market.

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