Europe Surface Disinfectant Market Research Report – Segmented By Formulation, Type, Application, End-User and Country (United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands and Rest of Europe) - Industry Analysis on Size, Share, Trends & Growth Forecast (2024 to 2029)

Updated On: January, 2024
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Europe Surface Disinfectant Market Size (2024 to 2029)

The size of the Europe surface disinfectant market is forecasted to be USD 1.69 billion in 2024 and USD 2.41 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 7.4% from 2024 to 2029. It captured around 30% of the share in the global market in 2024.

The growing demand for disinfection from hospital facilities across Europe is driving the European surface disinfectant market. The rising number of surgeries demands disinfection during and after surgery to avoid contamination by providing a hygienic environment. Disinfectants are increasingly used on reusable medical devices such as equipment used in the surgery. Sterilization is essential in medical procedures to avoid infections caused by contamination during surgeries. The rising use of disinfectants in hospitals and clinics is accelerating the growth of the European surface disinfectant market.

The rising prevalence of infectious diseases is boosting the growth of the surface disinfectant market. The rising infectious diseases in the recent past are demanding disinfection across Europe in hospitals and households. The incidence of infectious diseases is due to unclean, where most of the microorganisms exist. To avoid infectious diseases, one should keep the surroundings disinfected. The increasing number of chronic disorders require extended hospital stays where areas should be disinfected to avoid infection on the surgery patient. Older people are highly prone to infections, so healthcare systems work on disinfection, which boosts the market value of surface disinfectants in Europe. The disinfectants are in demand after the COVID-19 outbreak, which disrupted all healthcare systems. The increased spread of COVID-19 caused the demand for cleaning and disinfection.

The key market players invest in R&D for innovative formulations to meet the standard requirements. After the pandemic, manufacturers focused on introducing highly efficient products for killing or inactivating viruses and bacteria on the surface. Therefore, advancements in R&D are expected to create lucrative opportunities for European market growth. The growing awareness programs by the government and non-government organizations regarding the guidelines for spreading diseases, hygiene health, and utilization of disinfectants are creating possibilities for market expansion in Europe.

The primary factor hampering market growth is the end-users' need for knowledge regarding standard practices. In healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical organizations, cleaning processes require training, proper monitoring with regular audits, and feedback regarding the facility's specific SOPs and government guidelines. Another factor hindering the market revenue is the availability of alternative products and technologies. Most hospital areas are disinfected with UV light and the steam process. Steam with high temperature and low moisture is used for disinfection, eliminating everything without any chemical residue. UV-C light disinfects unused medical rooms' electronic devices and air ducts.

The chemicals used in the disinfection process are hazardous to health and the environment. Due to the presence of phosphorous and nitrogen, the chemicals become toxic and negatively impact aquatic life. In addition, the volatile organic compounds in the cleaning products affect the air quality inside, and many unhealthy risks are related to surface disinfectants. Due to their higher prices, bio-based disinfectants are being increasingly adopted compared to chemical-based disinfectants. Chemical-based disinfectants held the largest market share due to their various applications.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Europe surface disinfectant market:

The pandemic impacted manufacturers in the first half due to production closures, supply chain disruptions, and transportation restrictions. However, the second half saw a drastic increase in sales due to sanitation procedures in post-COVID. During the pandemic, safety measures increased, which influenced Europe's surface disinfectant market growth. Sanitation services are provided to hospitals, clinics, and households, where disinfectants are used to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

This research report on the European surface disinfectant market has been segmented & sub-segmented into the following categories:

Europe Surface Disinfectant Market - By Formulation: 

  • Wipe
  • Liquid
  • Spray

The liquid segment dominated the market in 2023 with the highest market share due to its low cost compared to wipes and sprays. Liquids are highly used in hospital-acquired infections and surgical procedures for disinfecting the equipment. Sprays have also gained attention recently and are expected to dominate the market value due to their low manual process. Sprays are more comfortable to use compared to liquids.

Europe Surface Disinfectant Market - By Type: 

  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
  • Phenol
  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate
  • Alcohol
  • Aldehyde

The alcohol segment held the largest European surface disinfectant market revenue share in 2023. Alcohol-based disinfectants are convenient, do not leave stains, and effectively kill germs. They also reduce the spread of viral diseases.

Europe Surface Disinfectant Market - By Application: 

  • In-house
  • Instrument

The in-house segment dominated the European market with the highest share due to increased sanitation in hospitals and homes post-COVID. Most hospital areas for surgery and frequently used places are disinfected. Most instruments are disinfected by UV light and steam.

Europe Surface Disinfectant Market - By End-User: 

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories

The hospital segment witnessed the most considerable market revenue in 2023, with a significant share in the European surface disinfectant market. The pandemic increased public awareness regarding the need for sanitation. Hospitals are where most patients are located, and they have different disease conditions that require disinfection to avoid contamination and the risk of infections.

Europe Surface Disinfectant Market - By Country: 

  • UK
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • Czech Republic
  • Rest of Europe

Geographically, the European surface disinfectant market is forecasted to account for a substantial share of the global market during the forecast period owing to the growing demand to promote quality treatment services in hospitals and clinics and a rise in the awareness programs among staff to spray disinfectants in the hospitals to stay safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UK surface disinfectant market is predicted to account for the dominant share of the market in the European region during the forecast period. The increasing use of chemical agents to kill microorganisms in households due to the spread of coronavirus is elevating the market's demand. Surface disinfectants are playing an essential role in sanitizing isolation wards and other areas. Therefore, it is ascribed to the surge in the growth rate of the market.

The German surface disinfectant market is another lucrative regional market in the European region and is expected to register a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. The rise in the scale of hospitals and clinics and government support to create awareness about hygiene to control the spread of infectious diseases are majorly promoting the growth rate of the German surface disinfectants market.

The surface disinfectants market in France is likely to register a promising growth rate during the forecast period. The rise in the prevalence of disinfectants in all surface areas, frequently in pandemic situations like COVID-19, is a significant factor driving the demand of this market.

The Spanish surface disinfectant market is forecasted to hike at a healthy CAGR during the forecast period. Spain has witnessed a sharp growth rate since February 2020, as there are many COVID-19 cases. Surface disinfectants are highly used in this country to control the spread of coronavirus at hospitals, clinics, houses, and other places. Therefore, it has made the Spanish surface disinfectants market grow lucratively in this period.

In Italy, the transmission of infectious diseases like COVID-19 has been very high since March 2023, which is forwarding the market shares to the extent. In addition, increasing awareness of preventive measures is accelerating the demand of the Italian surface disinfectants market.


The key market players that dominate the European surface disinfectant market analyzed in this report are 3M Company, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC, The Clorox Company, and Sealed Air Corporation, Steris Corporation, Cantel Medical Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, and Ecolab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key drivers influencing the growth of the Europe Surface Disinfectant Market?

Factors such as increasing awareness about hygiene, stringent regulations regarding cleanliness in various sectors, and the ongoing emphasis on infection control in healthcare facilities are driving the growth of the Europe Surface Disinfectant Market.

What are the prominent trends shaping the Europe Surface Disinfectant Market?

Trends such as the rising popularity of eco-friendly and sustainable disinfectants, the adoption of advanced technologies in disinfectant production, and the growing preference for multi-surface disinfectants are currently influencing the market.

What challenges do manufacturers face in the Europe Surface Disinfectant Market?

Challenges include strict regulatory hurdles for product approval, maintaining product efficacy while meeting eco-friendly standards, raw material sourcing issues, and intense competition.

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